UPDATE 06/28/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics.


I don’t particularly like the Xfce desktop, but Linux Lite always seems to work well with it. I’ve done a little tweaking to Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros and Linux Lite has moved into 5th place – plus I have deleted some older tested Distros which leaves spots 7, 8, 9 and 10 open. Linux Lite remains #4 in Karmi’s Top 3-5 Linux Distros for Windows Newbies, and I will add this post as a ‘note’ to the WIN 7 series: For Windows 7 users page … in case some adventurous Windows 7 user feels like trying it.

No problems with the Linux Lite ‘Live’ USB tests – easily recognized Wi-Fi connection and also worked well on the Ryzen™ test computer ‘Apevia’. Only thing I didn’t like was the busy ‘Welcome’ wallpaper.


Standard installation, that goes faster than most Distros. Will include a few pics of the process.


One reason I test for & pass Distros that recognize Wi-Fi (many require Ethernet during installation since they don’t recognize Wi-Fi) is that it saves running Ethernet cable to the Wi-Fi router, and I can get some of the updates and 3rd party software out of the way.


I selected Erase and install option…then:


Install offers a double-check of the disk you want installed to. Then comes name and psw stuff:


Went fast after that … done in a little over 3 minutes:


Removed the installation USB and it booted the new 120 GB SSD into the Welcome desktop, where I went ahead and had it do some more updating first:


Recognized the Ryzen 5 3400G APU – system info:


Either it missed the SSD size or had limited info about it, i.e “Storage – ATA SATA SSD” but not the actual size, which is useful info to have. Had to get rid of that busy ‘Welcome’ wallpaper, to this:


Then wanted to get rid of the many desktop icons, but only option seemed to be to delete them (instead of a simple check-box to remove them!?) – a risky gamble if the app gets deleted from entire OS system. Anyway, I don’t like desktop icons, so gambled and deleted them. The apps remained in the full OS, but were gone from the desktop…desktop icons should be easily removed and/or added, not just by gambling and guessing. Here’s the final desktop view:


Not a bad little OS … fairly easy to move around in (other than desktop icons). All-in-all a great job by the developer/s!