UPDATE 06/28/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics.


Wanted to test it against BionicPup’s portability and hardware recognition, but that test was too hard since the BionicPup (and Puppy Linux) are almost impossible to beat as a portable OS. ExTiX did a good job in limited testing, but I have used BionicPup and/or Puppy for a long time – both for portability and rescue…Puppy does ‘Thangs that no other Distro (that I know of) can do, and one of them is ignoring ‘Rules of Linux’ & just *DOING* it. However, ExTiX is definitely ‘Purdier’ than BionicPup!

Downloaded extix-20.1-64bit-deepin-15.11-refracta-1840mb-191230 iso from SourceForge this morning, and had Rufus create me a ‘Live’ USB with a 4GB persistent partition (changes and additions get saved). Went to ‘Apevia’ and the Ryzen™ 5 3400G first, and booted into the Debian GNU/Grub menu – it offered ExTiX in English (US & UK) and Spanish, plus an “Advanced options” choice that allows you to load the OS into Ram and run it there. I tested both US English & “Load into Ram” options. Had some abnormalities at first – like it didn’t recognize my Wi-Fi connection, but did later…I tried twice to install it to a 128GB test SSD and it failed both times. Figured it might be Ryzen™ recognition problems and/or Wi-Fi problems and/or me at first. Gave up.

This afternoon, I decided to try again, using ‘Antec Sr.’ this time. Had already reformatted the earlier ‘Live’ USB with persistence (BTW, persistence worked since ExTiX remembered all my changes), so had Rufus create me another ‘Live’ USB, but without persistent storage this time. Booted into ‘Antec Sr.’ with no problems – it had spotted my Wi-Fi connection, so I updated and got Gnome screenshot (I don’t like most other screenshot apps), and decided to try another attempt at installing to SSD. It went fine this time…well, with just one problem – installation process doesn’t allow screenshots!? New installation boots to a “Live User” option, but you can change user to the one you created during installation – note: if you miss the user option choices, then remember that “Live user” uses “live” password…I missed the first time, but remembered something about “Live user” and a password. I may try later to get rid of “Live user” if I do anymore testing on it. ‘Deepin’ has been a good looking Distro to me for a long time.

Well, since that worked great I decided to take that new ‘Live’ USB and try ‘Apevia’ again. Booted right up – both the US English & “Load into Ram” options – and had no problems (spotted Wi-Fi immediately). Maybe it was the persistence, so created a new ‘Live’ USB with a 4GB persistent partition using Rufus (NOTE: this time, Rufus didn’t advise me to download “two files” in order to create it!?!), and booted it up in ‘Apevia’. Again, spotted Wi-Fi easily, and I had no problems…tho I haven’t tried to install it to SSD, again here (maybe later). Maybe allowing Rufus to download those “two files” in the earlier ‘Live’ USB creation caused a problem…I just don’t know, but everything looks & works great now. Will definitely test this ‘Live’ USB with persistent storage some more, since I do like portable OSes. Here are some pics of the testing…oh, just remembered another ExTiX problem that I didn’t like – that “Settings” popup in Deepin DE has made it impossible for me to take a close-up of any settings in it…i.e. full screen only, and even that requires a few seconds delay in screenshot settings. Just a few pics, since system info will be hard to see:


I was just able to use WIN10’s Snipping Tool to get a closer look at system info…here is the ‘Live’ USB on ‘Apevia’ and the Ryzen™ 5 3400G:


Here’s ‘Antec Sr.’ ‘Live’ USB system info:


Here are some pics of the SSD installation on ‘Antec Sr.’ – Never cared for that wallpaper:


WIN10 Snipping Tool gives us a closer view of ‘Antec Sr.’ system info…note it has spotted the Disk this time as a “119.24GB” SSD:


That old wallpaper had to go … here’s the ‘Purdy’ new one:


Yes, ExTiX Deepin 20.1 is an ‘Interesting OS’ – great job by the developers!