Have learned a lot about Linux since starting this blog on January 6, 2019 of this year … one of the most interesting discoveries was the sheer lack of support that 99.99999% of the over 2000 Linux Distros get. Sure, these struggling Linux Distros’ developers get plenty of ‘Smoke Blown up their Arses’ from their users, but not much (if any) money gets contributed to these struggling developers (who have real jobs and/or in school and/or etc)…plenty of smoke without any money, is a main ‘Clue’ of something to look for when trying to pick a Linux Distro…so to speak.

Linux Mint is one of the most popular Linux Distros, and their financial support runs about $10,000+- a month (imagine how little others are getting). Back in late March and early April of this year, Linux Mint news was flooded with articles, e.g. “Developers Seem Defeated and Depressed” and “Personal Struggles Developers Face” and “Monthly News – March 2019” were a few of the articles and posts at that time. Anyway, Mint recently released their 19.3, so they are still ‘Kicking’ at least.

Read a Jack M. Germain article not long ago – Remix Could Bring Some Cinnamon Lovers Back to Ubuntu – and saved it for a possible future post…turns out to be this post right here. Also started reading some more articles and posts on this Ubuntu Cinnamon RemixThInGiE’ that I had never heard of before recently, but was apparently “Registered” for ‘sOmEtHiNg’ on 2012-10-08. Won’t go into the history of Remix, other than to mention that it had last been updated in 2014 (?!), and now suddenly a brand new Ubuntu 19.10 version shows up – humble me wonders what is going on.

Ended up downloading two iso’s this morning, because the Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix home page directed me to Ubuntu-Cinnamon-Remix-167-amd64-1114 iso page…a 965MB Remix version, from apparently 2014!? Some of the articles I had been reading mentioned a bigger iso than that, so I searched some more, and Jason Evangelho’s article – Meet The New Linux Desktop That Offers A Unique Twist On Ubuntu 19.10 – directed me to the 1.6GB cinnamonremix-19.10-all.20191204 iso.

Tried the ‘Live’ 19.10 Remix version first, it seemed OK and recognized my Wi-Fi, so I decided to install it. Took some screenshots of the installation, but will just provide the ‘Live’ USB and the installed to SSD system information:

That was from the ‘Live’ USB 16GB pic…here is the SSD installed info pic:

That’s on the test 128GB SSD…same info other than ‘Hard Drive’ size. Default pic viewer is apparently Gimp, though gThumb is installed and you can “Open With” that. Gimp probably has slideshow ability, but I have never used it for such…mainly edit & create with it. Can’t stop wondering why Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix goes from 2014 to late 2019 without any real movement, until the 19.10 version shows up….huuuummmm.

Next, I wanted to try that 2014 version, the 965MB one. Whoa, that sux! Terrible DE – old with most everything in the top bar…including shutdown button in upper right-hand corner. Heck, I have used Ubuntu’s Dash to Panel app for so long that I forgot how much I hated that shutdown button being in the upper right-hand corner. The 2014 version has no ‘Clue’ about my Wi-Fi connection, so I took a quick system screenshot and got outta there!

Recognized the Ryzen 5 3400G, so they must’ve updated something since 2014.

OK…my point wasn’t to test or review Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix; my point was to investigate a 2014 Ubuntu 12.04 LTS jump into Ubuntu 19.10 all of a sudden. Does Ubuntu and Remix know something we don’t? ‘Sherlock’ TUX and Karmi ask – what is going on with Linux Mint?!