The Dual-Bay 2.5” HDD/SDD Kingwin KF-251-BK came in the other day, but was busy doing some tests with the GeForce 1660 so didn’t have a chance to install the Kingwin until this morning. Probably the best made ‘Hot Swap Rack’ I have ever seen, plus it comes with all the screws & extra wiring adapters you’ll need – well, your power supply will need two free Molex connectors if you want the activity lights to work. Sturdy and great spring-loaded ‘doors’ that make opening them easy. Had to change two SATA settings in BIOS, to allow the Hot Swap function to work. ‘Antec Jr.’ is my main computer, plus ‘Keeper of DATA’ so I like the ability to copy Data to backup drives, and also like to make extra OS backups to other drives that can be removed for safe keeping. Even though the Antec case is huge inside, with an ATX MoBo, it is still not as easy to work on as the Apevia ‘Flip-Top’ case…thusly, I waited until the GeForce 1660 tests were done (plus checked out some Demo Games Graphics) before pulling out the main computer and adding the new Kingwin Dual-Bay plus reinstalling the GeForce 1660.

Reinstalled the GeForce 1660 first, and then started prepping for the Kingwin KF-251-BK…should’ve prepped longer, because my first choice of 3.5” bays to use didn’t work. Both 3.5” blanks are attached to one case sliding bracket, and the top blank must’ve been for something thinner and/or shorter. No biggie, just moved it down to the bottom blank area, and that worked perfectly. Here is a pic of what the Kingwin came with:

Good luck trying to find those two adapters inside the highlighted Red-Rectangle…or better luck than I had in checking them out. Fortunately, Kingwin provides the two you will need, if you have two spare power supply Molex connectors to connect them to, and if you want the Dual-Bay activity lights to work. You can just hook a SATA power supply connector to it, but probably have no activity light – that little 4 Pin Floppy Power wire coming off the SATA portion of the adapter is what controls the activity lights. That Kingwin has two SATA connections (to MoBo), two power SATA connections and two 4-pin floppy connectors. Difficult for me to get into the area with the drive in the bay, so I pulled the wires out – like this:

Hooked the device up outside and just slid it back in:

This is what the Antec’s front looks like now:

Still have spare 5.25” and 3.5” bays left. Seem to have deleted some interior pics with everything installed…here are some just prior to installing Kingwin:

When I was building my hut, I slept in one of those drive bays … Later! 😉