Overall, ‘InWin’ is a great little computer, tho somewhat limited by the small size. The VANTEC MRK-HC127A-BK SSD/HDD Aluminum Caddy for 12.7mm ODD Laptop Drive Bay arrived yesterday and turned out to just be a bay adapter for a SSD, but for less than $16 it works for now. Also, now I know the size I would need for an ODD Bay that can eject the SSD – which I may add at a later date. It now has 2 SSD’s installed since quick swapping of OS drives isn’t as easy as I want for most testing – I can easily unplug them, and use a USB Docking Station, but some Linux Distros don’t know what that is (WIN10 can use it for backups and data, but will not run the OS on one). Basically, ‘Rose’ remains the main Linux testing machine, for now.

Unplugged the WIN10 SSD, and installed Ubuntu 18.04.3 on a 128GB SSD in the ODD bay. May have been fastest Linux install I have ever done, and I didn’t need the ASUS MB drivers DVD – apparently, Ubuntu knew what all the new hardware was, since everything seems to be working. Plugged the WIN10 SSD back in after Ubuntu installation, and went into BIOS to make Ubuntu the 1rst boot drive – I can select F8 to get the Boot Menu option, and then select WIN10 to boot. I could put WIN10 and Ubuntu on a 240+ GB SSD, but I had more spare 120+ SSD’s available so used them. The ASUS MB’s BIOS is really easy to use. Here’s a pic of Ubuntu’s tweaked desktop:

Here’s Ubuntu on ‘InWin’:

I recently started using the UserBenchmark site for comparing and pricing different computer components, and to also do some benchmark testing. It’s mainly a gaming site, so their free tests don’t seem to work in Linux (so much for the rumors that Linux is a gaming OS), and its rating results don’t reflect greatly on a normal WIN10 desktop or laptop; however, the tests do break the results down into 1) Gaming, 2) Desktop and 3) Workstation so you can see their results for your computer’s main usage. Here are results on ‘InWin’:

Desktop @ 65% is not bad for a non-gaming computer on this site. It means ‘InWin’ is #65 in similarly built computers, with 35 other similar builds being better – “UFO” rating for a desktop is the highest. “Nuclear Submarine” is the next highest ranking. Their highest rated CPU is Intel’s i9 9900K – this #1 CPU has Nuclear Submarine 100% Gaming ranking, 100% UFO Desktop ranking and 100% Nuclear Submarine Workstation ranking. I’m currently looking at their #6 rated CPU, the 65W i9 9900, and doing some early compatibility & pricing for an eventual upgrade to ‘Antec’ Jr. – i.e. when the price comes down to where I want (Christmas?), I’ll move the entire MB setup of CPU, huge cooler fan for the 91W i5 6600K (note: the 65W i9 9900 comes with a stock cooler and fan – those 91W’s can get hot) and memory all intact to either ‘Rose’ or maybe ‘Antec’ Sr. Looks like that setup would have to move to ‘Antec’ Sr. because ‘Rose’ is just too skinny for that cooler. The top CPU upgrade for this MB is the i7 7700K @ $345 – the i9 9900 with MB and 32GB memory is at $703; however, ‘Rose’ and/or ‘Antec’ Sr. also need to be upgraded. $130 to upgrade the ‘Rose’ CPU from Celeron G4900 to i3 9100, and then get another MB for ‘Antec’ Sr. so I can put the Celeron G4900 on it, plus some memory, i.e. like a $210++ move. With ‘InWin’ now my Top Small machine, and ‘Rose’ lacking the exterior bays and size of ‘Antec’ Sr., it’s looking like ‘Rose’ is in for a demotion, i.e. move Jr’s intact MB into Sr, and then move ‘Antec’ Sr. into the main Linux testing machine spot…’Rose’ moves over into Sr’s remote spot. That move only costs $703 instead of the $555 worth of upgrades to all 3 machines. OK, still in early planning stages, but even poor Americans living below the Federal Poverty Level, whilst managing their money correctly, can own a home (small hut), land, truck, a 14’Jon boat w/ small motor and still maintain an expensive hobby. Great to be American – poor or rich!!! Here are benchmarks for ‘Rose’ and Celeron:

She’ was slower than I realized, and not nearly big enough to hold that Top Linux testing machine spot. Here’s ‘Ace’ the Laptop benchmarks:

Not much worse than ‘Rose’, and no one is going to replace ‘Ace’ for mobility and portability, so ‘slow’ is OK for ‘Ace’. Here are the benchmarks for ‘Antec’ Jr.:

Desktop @ 70% is not a lot higher than the ‘InWin’ benchmark of 65%. ‘InWin’ has been a fun build, and is quite impressive in its performance ability. For now, every computer maintains their spot, but that may change by November or December.