Finally found that new wallpaper I liked on Arch Linux – ‘DosArch’ was of no help in finding it tho, even tho it was the wallpaper they were using!? Probably had it buried in some folder since it was nowhere to be found in their Backgrounds tool. They came in 3840 x 2160 from the following site, but I resized them to 1920 x 1080 in order for them to fit best on my monitors (*BTW, brought in the old Dell monitor, a 23-24″ w/ a HDMI connection, from my remote storage shed this morning since I had some spare room for it now – will use it with ‘Rose’ and ‘InWin’ when doing some Linux testing that needs them both; however, I store it in the spare spot when they are just sharing the other 23-24″ monitor – using that 3-port HDMI hub. ‘InWin’ is so small that it is easy to switch things with it, and will be even easier if that ODD drive bay that is scheduled to arrive today fits*). Here’s the *LINK*.

Adwaita Day:

adwaita-day 1920 1080

Adwaita Morning:

adwaita-morning 1920 1080

And my new favorite wallpaper (now on my main machine, ‘Antec’ Jr) is Adwaita Night:

adwaita-night 1920 1080

Windows 10 never looked so good in any wallpaper!