UPDATE 11/23/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics. Trying to thin out the Media Library’s pics from posts that get few visits … hopefully it doesn’t ruin your view of the post.


Arch is the #1 Distro on the A-1 Linux *JUNK* page, but even murderers can get released from prison; thusly, I check the status of Arch “DOS” Linux occasionally…just in case it has improved. Started my ‘Autumn Cleaning’ this week – my ‘hut‘ has a 600 sq ft roof, but the finished/livable area is just 320 sq ft…sorta like an Efficiency apt with full bathroom & kitchenette on one side (100 sq ft) and main living area on other side (220 sq ft). Need to move things around in order to get everything to fit, and with my new InWin build (even tho it’s a small form) expected to be finished tomorrow (final major parts arrive later today) I need to make room for it. At first the plan was to switch the two older computer’s motherboards, but the Dell’s case lacked all the wires needed for the switch. ‘Antec’ Sr. (AKA “Asus”) was then moved to a nearby shed, and since the old Dell is smaller I kept it inside and started prepping it and its new location. Well, ‘Antec’ Sr. may be a 2006 build and very big, but it is still fast. The old MB in Antec may only support SATA 1 & 2, and USB is only 2.0, but the Dell had the same. The 2009 Dell has a small footprint, but lack the exterior bays that ‘Antec’ Sr. has. The new location needed to stay at the 1-computer footprint, but I could raise the 2-shelf unit it was going under…added 3” extensions to the 4-legs, and moved ‘Antec’ Sr. back inside. Removed the old IDE HD & IDE DVD from Antec, and gutted the Dell. Installed Dell’s newer SATA DVD-Rom and its Hot swap bay in the Antec – now giving Antec one newer SATA DVD-Rom, one standard 3.5” hot swap bay, one combo 2.5” & 3.5” hot swap bay and one everything card reader. Replaced Antec’s GeForce GT 520 with Dells Geforce GT 710, added a 2-SATA ports card and moved the Dell’s empty case to a remote shed at the other end of my property. Took the WIN10 SSD out of the Antec, reformatted it and that will probably get used in the new InWin build. Restored the backup WIN10 image to a 250GB Sata 2 HDD, and was now ready to check the status of DosArchie. One of the great things about Linux, is the ability to usually move one disk back and forth between computers; however, Arch HDD was working in ‘Rose’ but it wouldn’t work in ‘Antec’ Sr. now?!?

Reformatted and tried reinstalling Arch using a Clonezilla image to same HDD in Antec…wouldn’t install. Tried another drive, wouldn’t install. Tried installing from ‘Live’ USB, wouldn’t install. Tried the Ubuntu test HDD and it wouldn’t boot up!?! Ubuntu always boots up – then I noticed all these SATA 2 drives were my 160 GB WD test drives. Had planned on using one of them for Arch in ‘Antec’ Sr. and needed the other test drives to work in Antec also…bummer!? Went into the BIOS and looked around…found that BIOS wasn’t seeing these drives, but it saw the 250GB HDD WIN10 had been on!? Ah, a SATA setting had been changed from AHCI to SATA…not sure how the setting had changed, but I had been doing a lot of work on the Antec…anyway, switched the setting to AHCI, saved and rebooted back into BIOS. OK…now BIOS saw the 160GB WD HDD. Time to install Arch again.

Decided to go with the GNOME DE during installation this time…the old Clonezilla Arch image was Cinnamon DE, but I didn’t trust that image anymore, and want to give GNOME a try. As usual, ‘half‘ the installation process seems to be about the keyboard – keyboard keyboard keyboard!? OK…one of the slowest Linux Distro installs, if not the slowest, and don’t make any mistakes or it won’t go any further or it won’t boot up after you think you are done. There, at last, finished! Rebooted right into Grub then onto login password, and finally into the desktop. Took 3-4 times longer to boot into desktop than WIN10 did. Well, only Arch could screw up GNOME this much!?! Here’s the pics, since I don’t want to talk much about the experience:

That’s the desktop…love the wallpaper and hopefully I can figure out how to stop Arch from changing it all the time. Here’s Arch GNOME on ‘Antec’ Sr. (AKA “Asus”):

Can’t find the resize button/tab on some windows (??)…then installed Dash to Panel for that Windows look:

Then things started to slow down as I tried updating:


They weren’t kidding about taking a long time:

Tic Toc and still can’t figure out how to resize the software window:

Even Firefox is stuck in full screen view:

Over 30 minutes looking for updates, and I still can’t find how to resize some of these windows:

Did finally find out what Octopi was…normal view, but where are the resize buttons/dropdowns:

This reminds me of what Arch is really about:


OK…Arch GNOME is a total disaster…not to give up on such a pathetic Linux Distro, I decided to go back thru another DosArch installation process – hey, I ain’t no Arch ‘Wannabe’ playing at being an Arch user, I install the *REAL* Arch Distro even tho it sucks! Keep making mistakes and having to start over…three mistakes at trying to install Arch and the Cinnamon DE. Finally, and it boots right up:

Much better – Arch has no clue about providing a GNOME DE, but they do good with the Cinnamon. Here’s Arch’s info on rebuilt and moved Antec:

Hey, Arch even managed to remember the resize button in Cinnamon windows:

Yes! Even Firefox now has a resize button:

Took some work, but have ‘Asus’ working good again, and moved to a new location. WIN10 and Arch can share it, and I’ll do some Distro testing with it. May even replace that 2006 MB at some point in time, but for now its fine. OK…looks like the InWin build’s MB & CPU are “On FedEx vehicle for delivery” later today, so I’m on schedule!


UPDATE: 9/18/19 – no wonder they call it a ‘Rolling release‘, i.e. the damn package manager has been rolling and rolling and rolling for hours and hours and hours – Geez, how does one get a simple app whilst that package manager is rolling forever?! I don’t want to use a DOS command prompt – just want to open a software program, do a search for what I want, and then just install it. The only thing I have ever found on Arch that was worth anything is the recent wallpaper on my GNOME and Cinnamon installs…went to see if I could save that Cinnamon DE wallpaper and couldn’t find it…it was there as the wallpaper, but where could its main folder be? Anyway, have been searching for that Arch wallpaper for hours, and Google can’t find it – so I tried to install some wallpaper app and package manager was still busy. Oh, and I accidentally changed the wallpaper to one of Arch’s disgusting looks (they all are, except the one that is hidden somewhere or I can’t get to because package manager is still rolling along – for evah! Will do another install, and try Octopi again, since it offered a sorta Synaptic Package Manager that actually worked.

Oh, have InWin build running, and will do a post on it later…