Naturally, I find this one after spending $300-400 on the ‘GODZILLA’ 8.9” x 3.0” x 7.6” InWin build – this ASRock DESKMINI 310W Intel Socket LGA1151 Intel H310 Mini comes in at 3.15″ x 6.10″ x 6.10″ is “less than 2 liter size” compared to InWin’s 3.3 liters. The DeskMini also comes with a Mini-STX motherboard that is 5.8″ x 5.4″ and apparently installed.

It would still need a CPU, memory (which may be a different type) and whatever; however, it does support the standard Intel box fans, *which I’m not yet sure about on the InWin build*. I may have to go with a low profile cooler tho. I knew there was some interest in the Raspberries smallness, but didn’t realize the interest in these small forms that can handle more power.

I know a lot of these cases and MB’s were “sold out” or “out of stock” at many online retailers that I searched. One of the reasons that I decided against the Ryzen 3’s was my confusion about one of them using “2667mhz” memory…maybe it has something to do with gaming, which I know nothing about and/or have no interest in (gaming is sure running the desktop/laptop scene now tho!). The mini-ITX AMD motherboard also didn’t list any memory that the compatible Ryzen used – so I just moved back to my original plan of finding Intel products that were compatible with ‘Rose’ and ‘Antec’ Jr. Here’s another small case – Rosewill Mini ITX Tower/Desktop at a nice 13” x 8.7” x 5.1” size:

Looks like I need to create a Page for these small form posts…OK, here – The Small Form Factor

UPDATE: Just checked the height of the Celeron G4900 in the ‘Rose’ computer, with sink & fan, and it will fit in the InWin build if the i3-8100 doesn’t…there is a removable cover over the MB that also adds another 5/16″ in height, so there is almost another 3/8″ to spare if the i3 + cooler + fan are taller that the Celeron’s are.


(Note: that’s a different or newer model than mine, but has same raised metal mesh cover.)