UPDATE 06/27/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics.



It’s pretty, and passed the ‘Ace’ the Laptop new hardware test, but in the end it’s just another Arch-based Distro that’s slow (don’t ever believe the hype that Arch and Arch-based Distros are “fast” – Manjaro is possibly the only exception), sluggish (boot-ups are over a minute) and buggy (will provide pics later in this post) – i.e. just another Linux Toy OS.

Tested Condres OS 2019.09 this morning, and it started out great by passing the new hardware test on ‘Ace’ the Laptop, but it was mostly downhill from there. ‘Live’ USB boot-up takes over a minute (installing to a HDD didn’t make it any faster). Then I went to main Linux test machine, ‘Rose’ and started the installation process – got just the manual partitioning option right away, and got the same when I switched from HDD to SSD:



Moved back to the test HDD, and tried using the Hot Bay Mobile Rack tray (connected directly to SATA of MB) instead of the USB Docking Station:

instead of this:

Condres’ installation process apparently doesn’t work with USB Docking Stations even though it ‘Sees’ the drives. Anyway, with HDD in mobile rack tray, I got this partitioning option:


I’ll skip the installation details from there, and go to Condres on ‘Rose’:


Trying to update the new installation was a pain … finding a software updater was a pain and seemed buggy … software seemed to be lacking (e.g. no Gparted and no Dash to Panel App). Basically, in typical Arch fashion, the Condres OS simply wasn’t fun to work with. Buggy, for example…downloading software, and it says “100%” during the whole downloading time:


Buggy, like the Condres Control Center opens in a Maximized window by default:


Then you change Maximize to the Restore Down window:


Then close it, and reopen it a few minutes later (or after a reboot) and its back to the Maximized window:


Another buggy feature was in the ‘Live’ USB testing…when I went to shut down the ‘Live’ session, I couldn’t find the shutdown/power-off button…just this in the upper right-hand corner:


When clicking the battery icon, it opened like a normal power button does…to this:


Anyway, I’m done testing this buggy Toy OS…