Saw the new MX Linux Beta mentioned at DistroWatch and thought I’d give its ‘Live’ MX another shot at the ‘Ace’ the Laptop hardware test, even a Beta version. Well, it passed easily, so the MX Developers are getting it together, but a little late for me, i.e. I’ve already installed Ubuntu permanently on ‘Ace’ and have moved on from the overrated MX Linux.

Tried to get a hardware/system info screenshot of MX Beta working on ‘Ace’, but either MX doesn’t offer such info on the ‘Live’ or the Linux fragmentation of terms has surfaced. 600+ Linux Distros, then add in each DE and/or Flavors and you’re at over 2000+ Distros … *THEN* add in terms/terminology and you probably get a number close to infinite. Which is why the Linux Desktop stays stuck at below 2% of all Desktop/Laptop users. Only the ANTIFA-ish Linux ‘Fanatical Users’ and some developers support such fragmentation. If you try the ‘Live’ USB MX Beta, make sure you remember the password is “root” (w/o the quotes). It asks for password authentication for almost everything – terrible! User name is “demo,” but I didn’t get asked for that.

Had boot-up problems on ‘Rose’ … probably because it’s Beta. ‘Live’ USB had a new entry this time, apparently from the ‘Ace’ test, but I couldn’t get any of the 3 options to boot, so I reformatted the USB and reinstalled the MX-19beta-1_x64.iso back onto it. Back to 2 options now, but neither worked. Tried one more time, and let the default selection use the full 45 or so seconds to boot automatically – it booted into text options for language and such, and then into the ‘Live’ OS. Everything seems to be working on the ‘Rose’ ‘Live’ USB test…again, remember the password:

Drive you crazy by asking for that password so much! Will try to install it to a test HDD next, maybe it will require the password less often once installed. Oh, also found where the hardware/system or “Quick System Info” is kept – in the Terminal!?!?! Here’s the ‘Live’ info on ‘Rose’ and I’m not going to bother going back to ‘Ace’ to get it there, or even on ‘Rose’ after the installation:

On to installation:

Another bare-bone partitioning option…selected Auto-install and HDD:

OK … “Failed to format” – geez – and it’s either hung up or incredibly slow at recovering. I’ll start over and try formatting with Gparted first this time.

Reformatted and trying “Auto-install” on HDD sdc1 again…another failure. OK, reformat with “Run partition tool” button, takes you to Gparted, and reformat. This time I’ll try “Custom install” to see if that will work:

…nope, another failure.

OK, I’ll try one last time and use an SSD this time. Reboot and this time it did fine…maybe selecting #2 option for not to save on USB is best? Definitely a Beta version! OK, it spotted the SSD automatically, instead of a USB, i.e. I had to select the test HDD last time…here are the pic’s:

Got past 2% formatting this time:

At 94% and now paused for “operator input” – Linux…you just never know what will happen with different Distros…OK, I’ll select GRUB to MBR, and go with … well, not sure what I selected (other than “Auto-install” – which this part isn’t, IMHO!) as “Partition to use” so this pic may be wrong…

Installation complete … finish and reboot!

Booted back into newly installed MX Beta…tweaked my DE a little, and here’s what the SSD looks like after installation:

Everything looks to be working, but I lost my trust in MX Linux awhile back – will let the DistroWatch ‘Page Hit Groupies’ fight over their Distro’s so-called ratings, since MX Linux is no longer up to my standards – Beta or not.