UPDATE 06/27/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics.



Jack M. Germain writes: Emmabuntüs Is a Hidden Linux Gem – thusly, I thought to check it out myself, especially after dealing with DosArch and Namib yesterday – then having Ocra jumping down my throat about it this morning. Yes, I was ready for a “Hidden Linux Gem,” and am pleasantly surprised by this fun and loaded Linux Distro. It was apparently designed to be installed on computers donated to humanitarian organizations (Emmaus being one such).

Downloaded Emmabuntus DE3 (Debian Edition 3) RC (Debian 10 Buster XFCE amd64) 3++GB iso yesterday, and created the ‘Live’ USB – immediately testing it on ‘Ace’ the Laptop’s new hardware test. Emmabuntus made it to the desktop and then froze – getting an F-minus on the new hardware test. Hey, it wasn’t made for super new Laptop’s, it was made for computers donated to charity…thusly, I let ‘Emma’ slide on that one, and started testing it again today. Had some pics from the first install attempt, but it was the Debian boot loader installer that offers a screenshot button on each graphical installation page, and I failed to collect them prior to rebooting after the installation. Rebooted thru Grub bootloader, but got stuck at the command prompt blinking “Initramfs” at me. OK…back to the drawing board and one of those new 128GB SSD’s formatted with NTFS. Wi-Fi was a pain trying to setup, so I just stayed with the wired connection. Oh, apparently there is no install option from the ‘Live’ USB testing process (I couldn’t find it), and you have to select an “Install” option at the Boot loader window – choices being “Text” or “Graphical” installs. Didn’t bother with the screenshots the 2nd try, thinking I could find the others later if this installation went well. It says it doesn’t need internet for installation, but I went ahead and let it update during the installation process in this 2nd attempt.

Flew thru the installation, and booted into newly installed OS with no problems this time. Couldn’t find the earlier installation pics on the USB or other disk…oh well! Heck, I can’t even find the system info on ‘Rose’ the main Linux testing computer – which is still new, i.e. I built it back around January of this year. Emmabuntus zips around on this new computer and SSD like it was made for it. Nice Linux Distro – not my main choice for a Newbie, but even a Newbie could get around on it, and fairly quickly I suspect. Comes with Xfce DE and Cairo-Dock, but is set up to switch to LXDE.

OK…here are some post-installation pics: