UPDATE 06/27/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics.



Downloaded Deepin 15.11 this morning – deepin-15.11-amd64 (2.3 GB from SourceForge @ 30 min.), deepin-live-system-2.0-amd64 (385 MB from Deepin @ over 1 hour) and their deepin-boot-maker (had to use balenaEtcher last time and wanted to see what Deepin offers). Tested the Deepin 10 a couple months ago in the Deepin Linux Distro – Thank you China!!! post.

Deepin Boot Maker – last time Deepin said to use balenaEtcher, which I don’t like, and rarely used unless Distro suggest it. Was easy and fast with the smaller ‘Live’ iso, but slower with 2.3GB iso – 6-7 min. Simple and east, and didn’t ruin the USB’s.


‘Live’ USB version had Wi-Fi problem – no wireless I could set and/or it didn’t spot any connections. Wired connection worked. Couldn’t find any mouse setting so I could swap mouse buttons. Minimal apps and settings, e.g. had screenshot app, but no viewer (transferred PNG file to USB and then to WIN10 where it could be seen). ‘Live’ USB failed ‘Ace’ the Laptop’s hardware test – froze after leaving Grub bootloader. Here’s the one pic:


Wasn’t much of a ‘Live’ version – terrible in fact.

Full install iso version went fast. No pics since installer was just going thru the installation process. There were 3 options – Simple, Advanced and Full Disk – I selected Simple and continued. Next choices was a Reboot in order to disable UEFI or Continue with Simple basics – selected Continued and continued. Never mentioned internet connections, and I wasn’t connected. Installation was done in 6 minutes, and I rebooted into new Deepin OS. Again, pics are difficult to take – I sure miss Ubuntu’s screenshot app! Unlike the ‘Live’ version, the final version recognized wireless connection and connected quickly after security code was punched in. Also, Control Center had all setting this time, so was able to swap mouse buttons. Here is a pic after installation, on ‘Rose’:


I added the Deepin DE to my main Ubuntu 18.04 awhile back – Deepin Linux Distro – Thank you China!!! and don’t really use Deepin for anything but the DE occasionally. Good Linux Distro tho – here’s that Ubuntu w/ Deepin DE:


I have other DE’s on my main Ubuntu also…DE’s are easily added on Ubuntu 18.04, of course.