UPDATE 06/27/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics.



RoboLinux 10.5 Cinnamon…based on Ubuntu 18.04…passed the ‘Ace’ hardware test with flying colors, using the ‘Live’ USB…spotted Wi-Fi and easily connected…easy to move around in. Founder John Martinson has done a good job with this Distro. It’s loaded with apps, but seems to have a main focus on virtual machine (VM) stuff – using their own Stealth VM, which can apparently also be installed on some Linux Distros (Ubuntu is one, of course). I’ve never done much VM stuff – tested it in Windows and in Linux (Linux version, I guess?), RoboLinux is geared towards Windows XP, Vista and WIN7 users who like their old programs (though it works w/ WIN10 also)…and, their old OS that runs them. BTW, WIN7 support is ending soon, so RoboLinux is a great option for those users, who have valuable programs, etc who are interested in giving Linux a try.

My first attempt at installing failed – Grub installation failure at the very end. Dunno what happened, but it seems a lot of Linux Distros need an internet connection to be able to install fully, I guess, since a lot of them have showed up lately in my testing. Rebooted into BionicPup and reformatted the test HDD, then rebooted again into RoboLinux ‘Live’ USB. This time I selected internet connection, and downloaded any updates. Installed fully within 10 minutes, with the internet connection.

I chose the Cinnamon DE version, but they also offered many others. RoboLinux clearly targets Windows, and they have done a good job. Very easy to move around in, as I mentioned earlier.


Here are some pics…this is of RoboLinux ‘Live’ on ‘Ace’ the Laptop – passing all hardware tests!


Many Distros fail ‘Ace’ the Laptop’s new hardware tests…RoboLinux breezed thru it.

Here’s some installation pics, using ‘Rose’ the main Linux test computer (early 2019 build, so it has new hardware also)…selected no internet in first installation attempt:


No 3rd party (in installations 1 and 2):


Erase HDD and install RoboLinux:


With no internet – I got Grub failure:


Like I said earlier, RoboLinux is a good Distro, and it had passed ‘Ace’ the brand new Acer laptop hardware test…thusly, I wanted to try installing it again, this time with an internet connection. I don’t have all the pics from attempt #2, but I did take this one at the end:


Installation finished – continue testing or restart – I grabbed the pic, and then restarted. Good job RoboLinux! Here’s new installation on ‘Rose’:




That Fighter Pilot in the above pic let Tux take that jet out for a spin…not many people know that Tux use to be a Fighter Pilot.