Escuelas Linux is popular in South American countries – especially in school systems there (or so I read). I didn’t care for Bodhi Linux when I tested it, and I found Escuelas Linux…well, not for me. Pain finding info on it – apparently has no real website. It’s so big that 3 downloads are required – like three different 2GB++ files, and the main one is a zip that opens all three files into one iso that needs balenaEtcher to create the ‘Live’ USB (like a 6.5+ iso!?!).

Articles had mentioned that it was popular among Spanish countries students, so I thought to check it out as a possible Newbie Linux Distro. Heck, Escuelas lost me when I couldn’t even find the setting to switch mouse buttons (want right button as primary – a must!). It did spot Wi-Fi, but for the most part, I found it very difficult to find my way around. Not for me.

Decided to try and install it…for some reason. Failed at the partition process, i.e. it couldn’t “Erase and install” to HDD. Distro comes in Spanish or English only, so the Spanish version apparently works fine. At over 6GB in size, it comes with plenty of software, if you can get it installed.

Not for this Gringo