Just did a ‘Live’ test with ChaletOS, but the last stable version was in 2016 so it is listed as “Dormant” at DistroWatch. Great looking Distro for Windows Newbies some years ago, but drivers haven’t been updated in a long time and didn’t seem to want to be updated now. Linux fragmentation doesn’t stop at the some 2000+ Active Distros, i.e. there are also long lists of Dormant and Discontinued ones…I believe there is also another list at DistroWatch of Distros waiting to be made “Active”…hold on…yes, there is – Distributions on the Waiting List. What is the difference between the Dormant and Discontinued status?:

A distribution which has not put out a new release in two or more years is marked as being Dormant in our database. The distribution may still be worked on, but has not published any new stable releases. When a dormant distribution publishes a new stable release it is then marked as being Active. A project may also be marked as dormant if it no longer plans to put out future releases, ie planned inactivity, while older releases are maintained.
The Discontinued status is reserved for projects which are no longer being developed. There is no outward activity and no roadmap for new releases. Projects which no longer have websites will also be marked as discontinued.
We often receive e-mails from projects which have been Dormant and plan future releases (or from fans of dormant projects) asking us to update the distro’s status to Active. This will be done automatically when a new stable release is published.

Interested Windows Newbies can skip those Linux ‘Fragmentation’ lists here, since they are time-consuming, and only a few Linux Distros are needed for a true evaluation of Linux, IMHO. Unlike most Linux Distros (1999+) Ubuntu has a strong supporting cast behind it, which is one of the 1rst things to look for in any Linux Distro. Ubuntu already had Long Term Support (LTS) Distros, and recently increased that support from 5 years to 10 years. Ubuntu does it all – Cloud, Servers, Containers, Desktop and IoT (Internet of Things). A True Desktop/Laptop OS that can be used by developers and/or Windows Newbies.

Karmi’s Top 3-5 Linux Distros for Windows Newbies will be kept short, and mainly focused on Distros like Zorin that are based on Ubuntu (LTS), *OR* ones that at least offer some similar resemblance to recent Microsoft Windows OSes (e.g. WIN7 & WIN10). I will check out Distros like ChaletOS, to see if there is any potential, but most will just be given the ‘Once-Over’ and results may be published here. For now, Zorin is going to be tough to beat as the #1 Linux Distro for Windows Newbies.