UPDATE 06/27/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics.


After Debian ‘Buster the Bust’, DOS grandson Arch Linux, the ‘pickies’ Feren OS and antiX 17 it has certainly been a pleasure to test a real Desktop/Laptop Linux Distro like Zorin OS! Zorin OS 15 Ultimate costs $39 to download, so I went with Zorin OS 15 Core. Possibly the best Linux Distro for any MS Windows users who are considering checking out Linux.

Zorin OS is the alternative to Windows and macOS designed to make your computer faster, more powerful, secure, and privacy respecting.

Windows users will love Zorin OS 15 Core! It passed the ‘Ace’ laptop’s hardware test w/o a blink – using the ‘Live’ USB installation media (Ubuntu is now permanently installed w/ WIN10 there) only for testing. Spotted Wi-Fi internet immediately…installed fast and easy – with or without an internet connection, and again, simply a pleasure to test and install! Did install it “Alongside” Solus 4.0 on that SSD. Noticed only one problem during installation – i.e. I had to remove a USB for Installer to ‘see’ the 120GB SSD…it saw Solus and mentioned installing “Alongside” it, but for some reason that USB blocked the view. As with all Linux installations, make sure you have selected the device that you want the installation to go to.

Tux 2

OK … first a couple shots of ‘Ace’ the Laptop ‘Live’ tests…



That USB in upper left corner (I use it for pics), just below Install icon, had to be removed, as I mentioned earlier.

OK…now for some installation pics…Install icon in upper left:


And awaaaayy we go…Welcome:




Feren OS and antiX 17 both had problems installing w/o an internet connection, but neither mentioned it. Here is one way any good OS handles the internet connection:


Notice Zorin OS offers two boxes for you to decide on checking or not – 1) first box has to do with an internet connection, i.e. don’t check and you have no internet to download updates with…check and you get internet for downloading updates with. 2) Gives you the choice of selecting 3rd party proprietary software…

Free software zealots are antisocial muppets who love to hate’ – Mark Shuttleworth

Beware of the “Free software zealots” and their Distros that refuse to accept and/or add even simple 3rd Party software – if it ain’t “Free” and totally open source software, then these zealots are going to spew hate about it.

Yes, there are some serious Linux ‘Fanatics‘ out there…most of them can’t be believed or trusted, IMHO. All of the 3rd party software being offered during installation is free anyway…

OK … Let’s move on to Installation type, and here Zorin installer gives you 3-5 choices. Since I have Solus on this 120GB SSD, I will select install alongside Solus (option #1); however, if you have a free disk, just select option #2 – Erase disk and install Zorin. The other choices can get complicated if you are new to Linus:


Then you get the option of selection drive (always make sure you have the right one selected), and a choice of changing size of either partition – I usually leave as they are and select Install Now:


A pop-up doing a double-check to see if you are sure about changes about to be made – click Continue:


Where are you:


Who are you … username and password – I check auto login also, and then Continue:


Installation begins:


Installation goes fast…hit restart, remove installation media, and it boots into newly installed Zorin OS – before that you’d get the Grub bootloader/boot manager, and it shows Zorin as 1rst choice with Solus as 2nd choice. Do your updates, then start checking out the new Zorin OS.

Here’s a pic of SSD w/ Solus and Zorin “Alongside” each other:


Panel settings:


Other settings and customization like – Appearances:


Some preference settings:


Windows users would find it very easy to move around in this Linux Distro. Here is Zorin’s info on the main Linux test computer, ‘Rose’:


Desktop pic and end:


Now, over to Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros where I need to make some changes, i.e. Zorin OS 15 is now my #3 Favorite Linux Distro!