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Feren OS 2019 July Snapshot is based on Linux Mint’s main edition, tho I noticed that Feren OS Next (Beta) is “Based on Ubuntu 18.04 (Not Mint)” (their bold) for some reason. Are the rumors about Linux Mint true? I downloaded both to test at same time. Did a brief review in an earlier – Ubuntu 19.04 alongside Kubuntu 19.04 alongside Feren OS post, but it was an older version. Downloaded more than “130900” times and is #59 on DistroWatch’s Page Hit Rankings.

Early Notes:

Feren OS Next (Beta) spotted Wireless connection and only needed security code to connect. Unable to move panel icons. Calamares Installer

Feren OS 2019 July Snapshot … easy wireless. Customizable. great panel.

‘Live’ USB versions both looked good, and I was starting to believe the Feren OS hype:

Feren OS is a free Replacement for Windows and macOS with some of the best that the Linux Community can offer in customisation, applications, and much more in one package. Feren OS is also a one-of-a-kind Distribution for its customisation and familiarity, as well as being one of very few Rolling Release* Distributions that takes the Stable Path over Bleeding Edge, and it is designed to be faster, more powerful, and more secure.

Then I tried installing them and started getting this:

That’s /dev/sda … and on another try I got this:

That notice was to /dev/sdb -just so you know it wasn’t same pic. That went on across main Linux test computer ‘Rose’ and then it also happened 2009 semi-retired ‘Old Dell’. It took me a long time to figure out that my disconnecting from the internet was probably causing the installation problems. Feren OS never said I had to be connected to the internet…it just stopped the installation with a “Installation Failed” error notice. Notice didn’t say I had to connect to the internet – so I am not positive that was the problem. Now, look at what happened (some hours and testing later) after I decided to connect to the internet:

Finished installing … All Done and can be restarted now. It booted right back up to the new Feren OS installation. Good, huh? Now, remember earlier in this post I quoted Feren OS’s Home Page – “Feren OS is a free Replacement for Windows and macOS” … as in Feren OS is perfect for Windows and macOS users looking to try Linux. Well, imagine a new user, without internet giving Feren OS a try. That new user will be disappointed, IMHO.

Looked great at first; however, an OS should be easy to install – provide information that is needed to get it installed, e.g. maybe it has to have an internet connection, so let the new possible user know.

Why I was trying to avoid connecting to the internet: A-1 Linux *JUNK* – new Page & category 

I had been testing Feren OS earlier today, and it kept dropping out of the installation process soon after “Erase partition” section…I have a post on it coming up next, but basically it ‘Insisted’ on being connected to the internet during installation – which I was trying to avoid because I am out of my ISP’s Data quota for the month. Ubuntu asks if you want to use the internet to download updates and/or 3rd party software, i.e. it asks in advance, and doesn’t just stop during the installation (leaving you in the blind).

Feren OS is not good enough for potential new Linux users – it’s headed to the new A-1 Linux *JUNK* page…

(*UPDATE* 2): I deleted the A-1 Linux Purgatory Status Page … developers work hard on these things, for free, and needing an internet connection isn’t going to be a penalty anymore…

(*UPDATE*: just gave Feren a reprieve from A-1 Linux *JUNK* status…since antiX was failing the USB install test this morning without an internet connection…maybe certain Distros need to be connected to the internet – for whatever reasons!?!?!?! – before being installed, I just don’t know. Feren OS has now been moved to the newly created: A-1 Linux Purgatory Status Page – that makes two Pages that have been created because of Feren OS.)