If a Linux Distro can’t make it into Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros then it very possibly will go into another new Page on this blog: A-1 Linux *JUNK*. There are over 600+++ Linux Distros, most of them have roughly 3-5 Desktop Environments (DE) each, and who knows how many other Distros are just ‘fLoAtInG’ around out there…we’re talking a total fragmentation of over 2000+ Linux choices to choose from…at least. I will have very little patience for any Linux Distro I test from now on, but certainly won’t list everyone of them that belongs on the A-1 Linux *JUNK* Page – tho most do, IMHO.

Are you a Windows or Mac user thinking about trying Linux? Ubuntu 18.04 is the #1 Linux Desktop/Laptop Operating System – the rest are just Distros (over 2000+ of them). It’s not even close. Developers, experts and Linux newbies can install and use Ubuntu 18.04…a newbie may have a rough start, but no more of one than with any other Linux Distro, and in fact, Ubuntu is as easy to install as the easiest of them. For example, I had been testing Feren OS earlier today, and it kept dropping out of the installation process soon after “Erase partition” section…I have a post on it coming up next, but basically it ‘Insisted’ on being connected to the internet during installation – which I was trying to avoid because I am out of my ISP’s Data quota for the month. Ubuntu asks if you want to use the internet to download updates and/or 3rd party software, i.e. it asks in advance, and doesn’t just stop during the installation (leaving you in the blind).

No more patience and no more slack for time wasting Linux Distros! It better install right…work right and recognize hardware! I’ll cut a Distro some slack if it can’t work on my new laptop ‘Ace’ but it best be able to work on my main Linux Test Computer ‘Rose’.

Rule of Thumb – if you can’t install Ubuntu on it, then you can’t install any Linux Distro on it.

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