I’m done testing DEB10 – i.e. Debian 10 ‘Buster the Bust’ needs a Doctor and not some Linux Newbie conducting experimental tests on the poor ‘Thang! ‘Houston, DEB 10 has a serious Hardware Support problem’ … DEB10 acts differently on different computers (or not at all) … Wi-Fi support reminds me of Linux USB wireless adapter support problems from 6-10 years ago … the ‘Old Dell’ could handle DEB10 Cinnamon ‘Live’ USB, but couldn’t even open the bootloader on the DEB10 GNOME ‘Live’ USB. Problems are just too numerous to repeat or even write about…oh, and BTW, I got another chance at getting a screenshot of the “(NOTE: that 3rd option I lost may have been a “Alongside” option, and possibly 4 instead of 3 options.)” that I mentioned in the Debian 10 ‘Buster the Bust’ – How Many Partition Options? post yesterday. It was 4 instead of 3 partitioning options. Here are the other two posts in the DEB10 ‘sErIeS’: 1rst was – Debian 10 ‘Buster‘ – install w/ Cinnamon DE and the 2nd was – Debian 10 ‘Buster’ – Free Tip: Stick to Servers!

Here is the other partitioning option screenshot – w/ poor Sick Tux – from the Old Dell tests this morning:

2 a cin