UPDATE 06/27/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics.


This Debian 10 Gnome version is a pain to work with – for a Gnome DE. Can’t take a screenshot of the Dock because of the ‘Hidden’ way in which it works – sorta like the Applications window opens in Ubuntu Gnome DE, but you can see the Dock in Ubuntu…you can’t see it in Debian until you click Activities in the upper left corner, and if you try a screenshot of it when opened – it goes away or the camera won’t work. Debian 10 ‘Buster the Bust‘ has the worst Gnome DE I have ever seen!

The problems have really been too numerous to list – in Gnome DE anyway, since I didn’t spend much time testing the Cinnamon DE. Today I did some more tests on Graphical Installer #1, the new Calamares installer that comes on the ‘Live’ testing version – during the first test today, Installer #1 offered me 3 options…what?!? Every other time, Installer #1 has only offered “Manual” partition option. I lost the screenshot of it and/or forgot to transfer it from pictures to a USB…what?!? Hey, I’m not doing scientific research where each step needs to be documented and saved immediately – besides screenshots ain’t easy in Debian 10 ‘Buster the Bust‘ so-called Gnome DE.

I took a bunch of screenshots today, plus had BionicPup open those 8 screenshots I mentioned in the Debian 10 ‘Buster’ – Free Tip: Stick to Servers! post (they’re up on that post now – thanks to BionicPup!). Its partition options seem to change on how the disk has already been partitioned and/or formatted (under Gnome DE anyway – since no tests like these were done on Cinnamon DE). Will start with the new Two Options choice – 1) Erase Disk and 2) Manual partitioning. (NOTE: that 3rd option I lost may have been a “Alongside” option, and possibly 4 instead of 3 options.)

Here’s the Installer #1 option I had been getting…

Same HDD, but the swap was 8.6GB in one pic, and 249MB in other pic. I forgot how it was partitioned in the Installer #1 when 3-4 options were offered. Here is that Graphical Installer #2 option…

Graphical Installer #2 also offers a “Screenshot” button in lower left, but you may need BionicPup to open them later.

Guess that’s it for today…does that much hyped Calamares installer normally work like this, or is it just Debian 10 ‘Buster the Bust‘?