From the moment I started testing Solus 4.0 their Gnome DE seemed faster than their ‘Homegrown’ Budgie DE, as I noted in Solus 4.0 – Install Today. Updates Forever. However, Budgie was such a beautiful looking DE that it became my favorite, i.e. at least temporarily.

I deleted the Gnome DE and moved Budgie to a 120GB SSD…thinking that would speed Budgie up. It did, until I started the Solus updating process. They have 3 sections of updates – 1) required; 2) security; and 3) other, and it seems they are supposed to be installed in that order. My first attempt was to ‘Check’ all 3 boxes and update at one time; however, that was going to take forever, and so I went ahead and shut down for the day. Next day, booted up, and a popup said that “required” updates are ready and should be installed. OK…this time I followed the process, and the required updates installed quickly. Another popup soon came up and said “security” updates were ready to be installed, and that also went quickly. Then the “other” updates were ready and I selected to have them installed…waited and waited, then waited some more. Finally gave up since I have other things to do besides waiting on updates to be installed, and so shutdown for the day.

This morning, I erased the Budgie SSD and installation USB…prepared a USB with Solus Gnome, and installed it on recently erased SSD. Both Budgie and Gnome installs were fast, but Gnome zipped thru the updates – 1) required in less than a minute; 2) security in less than a minute; and 3) other in less than 12 minutes. Budgie seemed to have stalled in the “other” update process, which had some 237 items to be installed, but Gnome showed progress even though I consider 12 minutes to be slow.

I dropped Solus 4.0 from Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros 4th spot down to the 9th spot, because this new Linux Distro still needs work, but they have done a great job with it in such a short time, IMHO. Gnome saved Solus from dropping out of the Top 10. Haven’t found a Linux Distro for that 10th spot yet – Ubuntu and BionicPup (Puppy) are so reliable that other Linux Distros always seem to be lacking. 600++ Linux Distros…probably 2-4,000 distros if you include DE’s and such, and I find it hard to find 8 more distros to go into a Top 10 with Ubuntu and Bionic Pup.

Looks like Gnome has won another one…

Budgie 3