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It’s Linux Distros like Debian that keep potential new users away from Linux, and take the fun out of Linux for users like me. Two questions to Debian – How many installers does a Linux Distro need? How many installers does Debian 10 ‘Buster’ have? (See UPDATE @ end…)

The ‘Linux Fanatical’ have been harping about the ‘Miraculous Return’ of Debian for over 2 years now, and I believe Debian 9 was better (and I didn’t like it either)! The Desktop/Laptop has certainly passed Debian by – it should stick to servers, where ‘101 Debian Installers’ may come in handy. BTW, a server is basically a ‘Glorified Baby Sitter’ – in most cases babysitting hordes of Windows computers.

I had to pull the ‘Old Dell out of retirement’ to get the Graphical Installer #2 of the ‘Live’ USB bootloader to finally work. Now, the ‘Live’ USB has a Graphical Installer #1 on the ‘Live’ Desktop – that was the one I used in the Debian 10 ‘Buster‘ – install w/ Cinnamon DE post…the one where you only get the “Manual” choice for partitioning; however, it’s different from Graphical Installer #2 in ‘Live’ bootloader, i.e. Graphical Installer #2 offers – 1) “Guided – use the entire disk”; 2) “Guided – use the entire disk and set up LVM”; 3) “Guided – use the entire disk and set up encrypted LVM”; 4) “Manual” (the *Only Choice* in Graphical Installer #1).

Confusing? The other choices in the ‘Live’ bootloader are – 1) “Debian Installer”; 2) “Debian Installer with speech synthesis”; and, those are only the ones I have found so far!?! Such sh*t is a pain to write about – i.e. I have installed Ubuntu and Puppy on all 5 of my computers (Note: the Old Dell is now just semi-retired), using their ‘Live’ DVD/USB Desktop installer, and never have a problem. This Debian Graphical Installer #2 is – 1) missing “firmware” on 3 computers I tried installing it on, 2) on one attempt – it said their “repository couldn’t be accessed” and just quit, 3) gets installed, then reboots to the new Debian bootloader…then drops out and into the shell, 4) wireless problems, etc. Those 4+ problems never occurred in Graphical Installer #1.

I was using the Debian 10 Gnome version today. Took screenshots that Graphical Installer #2 offered, but can’t get them to open – I see all 8 of them in computer/var/log/installer file, but there is an “X” stamped across each of them and they won’t open for me…probably need the Command Prompt, but I don’t know and could care less at this point. Maybe I’ll check at another time, and see if I can figure out how to open them. (See below UPDATE ref those 8 screen shots)

Debian logo 2a

Update: Puppy Linux never seems to fail me, i.e. when I have a MS Windows or Linux Distro problem I put Puppy onto it…the BionicPup can be especially brutal to other Distros. I mentioned having 8 screenshots from the Graphical Installer #2’s installation yesterday that I couldn’t get to open…tried to open them under Debian 10, then MX Linux and then Ubuntu w/o any success. Then I remembered BionicPup – booted him up and opened the Debian 10 HDD’s files – to “/var/log/installer files” where those 8 screenshots were, and there they were, without that “X” stamped across each of them. Amazing…BionicPup didn’t even blink an eye at “root permissions” or who the “owner” of those screenshots was. I clicked on one and it opened the image right up, as it also did to the others.

Here they are – showing part of Graphical Installer #2’s installation process…


Graphical Installer #1 didn’t have any firmware problems…


Graphical Installer #2 had wireless problems – #2 may be the installer they use for servers and such, and it was not the Calamares installer used in Graphical Installer #1…


Graphical Installer #2 offered these options (#1 only offered “Manual”)…






BionicPup should be my #1 in the Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros, but he’s happy as a ‘Portable OS’ and file fixer.