UPDATE 06/27/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics.



Having gained a lot more Linux experience over the last 6 months, I thought about retesting some of the earlier tested Distros – elementary OS is first up, after wondering why it’s @ #4 on DistroWatch. Found the old ‘Live’ DVD I had installed elementary OS 5 Juno on earlier, and ran it thru main Linux test computer ‘Rose’ last night.

Looks like I got the iso before they started ‘charging’ whatever you want to pay for it – possibly even paying for future apps (??), but am not sure on that…it certainly has only a few apps on the ‘Live’ version. It did well enough on ‘Rose’ last night that I wanted to test it on my new laptop, ‘Ace’ today. ‘Live’ DVD was slow on loading up, but maybe that’s the new external USB DVD player – I heard/read someone say they never use DVD-Rom’s anymore…pure madness if you ask me, but they probably don’t realize DVD+RW’s are a lot cheaper than USB’s. Laptop didn’t come with DVD player, so I bought this one for $23 w/ free shipping so Home Student and Office 2007 could be installed on laptop…used the player half-dozen times since. OK…the ‘Live’ version works fine on the laptop…quickly spotted available wireless connections, and connected once security code punched in.

A little tweaking and mouse buttons switched…a lightweight Ubuntu feel to it, and I can see some newbies liking it or even possibly kids new to Linux. They say for “new and seasoned users” a like, but I don’t see why a seasoned user would mess with a ‘Bareboned’ lightweight version of Ubuntu…heck, I could see newbies and kids using it as a ‘springboard’ to other Linux Distros, e.g. Ubuntu 18.04 and Mint. It has a pretty face, and easily recognizes old and new hardware (which is more than 550++ other Linux Distros can).

The fast, open, and privacy-respecting replacement for Windows and macOS

Er, not even close. However, I couldn’t get highly regarded MX-Linux ‘Live’ version to do much more than make it to the desktop, and basically froze there…froze there on my brand new laptop that I had planned to install MX on. elementary OS had no hardware problems at all – it bounced around ‘Ace’ like it wanted to be installed there; sorry, elementary OS 5 Juno, you did pass the new laptop test, but that will be the last time you see ‘Ace’. Yep, I would tell anyone that if they wanted to check out a Linux Distro, but wasn’t sure which one, that elementary OS 5 Juno would be a good ‘springboard’ and it seems ready for any hardware.

Here’s some pics…the ‘Pretty Face’


Not many apps … just two more on its next page, but this was just the ‘Live’ version…


‘Live’ version settings…


Looks like a pay what you want for apps in their AppCenter…


Hey, MX Linux – look at what elementary OS 5 Juno just did!!!


Juno at top of above pic, on ‘Ace’ the Laptop, and ‘Da Dock located just below. MX…be nice to Juno, and maybe he’ll show you how to do it!

OK…last pic and it’s the Epiphany browser – the only one on ‘Live’ version, and I didn’t feel like testing it.

Good job by the elementary OS people – especially on the hardware recognition. Not my taste, but certainly a Distro that newbies could learn on!