UPDATE 06/27/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics.


My new Top Three Linux Distros – Ubuntu 18.04, BionicPup and then Kodachi 6.1. I mentioned yesterday (in Kodachi 6.1 is *FAST* on SSD!) about giving BionicPup another shot, and truthfully, I don’t know why it took me this long – i.e. besides Ubuntu, the Puppy Linux Distros are the Linux Distros that have worked the longest for me…across many different computers for a long time. Wireless USB adapters were the biggest problem I ever had with Ubuntu or Puppy. No one made Linux compatible wireless USB adapters for a long time (or it was impossible to find one), so I was left with just testing Linux Distros without internet. Ubuntu and Puppy Linux seemed to always work on any computer I tested them on, but it was hard to find any other Distro that would work at all.

Not too many years ago, I could barely get Mint Linux to work on any computer…then it slowly started improving and has been great recently. BionicPup jumped over everyone today (other than Ubuntu) and has moved into my #2 Distro spot. Ubuntu 18.04 getting that increase in Long Term Support (LTS) to 10 years from 5 years was the final reason I moved it ahead of Mint. I will wait to see how “Tina” Mint does – when and if it comes out. Too much bad press for Mint over the past 3 months, but none caught my attention more than the rumors of Mint becoming another Ubuntu ‘Flavor’ and the Mint team just focusing only on the Cinnamon Desktop Environment (DE) . I want Long Term Support (LTS) in my main Linux Distro and Mint just hasn’t been showing enough interest recently, IMHO. Mint has fallen out of my Top Three Distros because its LTS was lacking, it was also not ‘Portable’, and thirdly, I wanted a better Distro for security and anonymity – that also provided faster browsers than normal for such privacy (e.g. Tor Browser is slow…normally, but moves a lot faster in Kodachi 6.1). I will still recommend Mint Linux to Windows users who are interested in checking out a Linux Distro, but if I want the Cinnamon DE, then I’ll logout of Ubuntu, then select Cinnamon DE and log back in.

I still like the ‘Portable Package’ idea presented in “Day 3” of the Kodachi 6.1 is *FAST* on SSD! post, and plan on installing Ubuntu “Alongside Kodachi” on that same SSD. Will use that same SSD on main Linux test computer (‘Rose’), as the main Linux Distros for that machine. I also installed BionicPup permanently on a 62GB 3.0 USB today, and it worked flawlessly on my 3 newest computers – ‘Rose’, ‘Antec’ Jr. and ‘Ace’ the new laptop. That USB will now be part of that ‘Portable Package’ and here are pics of the System Info with BionicPup as the OS:

First, I tweaked Pup’s Desktop – have always disliked all the app icons cluttering up various Puppy Linux Distros, so I found the setting to remove them today…BionicPup on clean Desktop…with Tux!

‘Rose’ System Info…

‘Antec’ Jr. System Info…

‘Ace’ the laptop – System Info

BionicPup is actually the first Linux Distro that passed the USB test on ‘Ace’ – congrats to the BionicPup on regaining my #2 Distro spot (again, BTW)!