My title is a quote from, and I found out about it from the Confessions of a Technophobe blog, in a post by Robin titled – A NEW WAY TO TEST LINUX DISTROS:

Imagine being able to test dozens of Linux distros without downloading an iso and burning it to a DVD or a USB stick! Imagine if you could experience the distro entirely through a web browser, online!

I just downloaded over 7.8 GB’s of extra monthly Data from my ISP – used about 75 GB’s this month in usage and downloads, so yes, I’d love testing a Distro before downloading! Robin’s post also linked to a Forbes article by Jason Evangelho titled – How To Test Drive 200+ Linux Distributions Without Ever Downloading Or Installing Them:

(I’ll skip ‘snips’ from the article and just quote the updates to it …)

UPDATE 1 I used the service without any issue earlier today, but it appears we may have crashed their servers, as the site is now throwing 503 errors shortly after this was published. I’ve reached out to DistroTest’s maintainers and will update you here and on Twitter when the service is restored!

UPDATE 2: DistroTest founder Andy Klemann tells me they’re receiving so much traffic that they need to rewrite their scripts. He also says the site itself should be back online today, but the servers for starting systems are still down and they’re working on a solution.

Jason usually provides some great articles, so I can barely wait to test the site – i.e. it’s been too busy for any testing by me, but looks like the site could stay busy for some time.

I use the YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator a lot for my testing, but it requires downloading the iso’s first. Handy tool, BTW, see my post YUMI – multiboot OSes, Tools, & etc! I keep Gparted, Clonezilla and a bunch of other utilities on it also (for reformatting USB’s and SSD’s and test HDD’s). Think I’ll add YUMI and to my categories…