UPDATE 06/27/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics.


A Ubuntu-based Linux Distro and also a installable DE. I installed it on my Ubuntu test HDD, because I liked the screenshots I was seeing; heck, there must be a point to it, but I can get a lot of these looks using a mouse to resize windows (tho Linux has never ‘Mastered’ the basic scroll mouse, so thus a keyboard Distro/DE is needed sometimes, I guess?!). Mainly for ‘Keyboard Jockeys’, I suspect!?! Must be new or at least I can’t find a date for when it started.

Joey Sneddon of omg! ubuntu! wrote this interesting article about it: Regolith Linux is the i3 Ubuntu Spin You’ve Been Waiting For – and it sounded good. Besides, that’s the thing about installing DE’s onto your Distro, you are able to switch back-and-forth and/or uninstall them (just remember the “Super+?” – actually super+shift+? on my keyboard, and I discovered that just before I started to reformat the HDD because I couldn’t get out of the ‘Regolith Maze’ that I had created – geez!!!). Here’s a screenshot of cheatsheet needed in order to Escape-the-Maze in case you try it:


That – super+shift+? set of keys, and super+shift+e worked for Logout (tho cheatsheet says “Super+E” which didn’t work for me – HEY, I’m no ‘Keyboard Jockey’!) – another few minutes in that maze and that HDD was getting reformatted. 😉

The Regolith Linux home page and a logo shot:


Here’s a ‘stolen’ screenshot from someone who actually knew what they were doing – called “Regolith Linux Rice”:


Here are some of mine:





P.S. I got lost in that damn ‘Regolith Maze’ soon after taking that last screenshot, so I have no screenshot of that…