Don’t normally mess with betas, but since antiX Linux is linked so closely to MX Linux I thought to give it a try. Since it is a beta, my post here is more about my experience than any rating review. I hate reading ‘ReadMe’ and docs, and there wasn’t a lot of quick info on it, even from antiX Linux website – at least not up front where I was looking. Wanted to also give a look at its portability, since they’ve been building the OS for some time (2009) to work with USB flash drives and with an eye on ‘Live’ versions. Wikipedia says it uses Xfce DE, but I’m not sure since I didn’t see more info on that, and it is absolutely *NOTHING* like the MX Linux Xfce DE. Knowing the Linux Fragmentation problems, Linux DE’s probably have many versions of the same DE (making it 3-million 600-thousand and 43 fragment choices of Linux ‘fLoAtInG’ around out there). whoopee 😉

Used Universal USB Installer to put the ISO to USB, in case they offered a persistence option during the process – they didn’t. Put it in ‘Rose’ (main Linux test computer) and it booted to a screen, but any selection seemed to just freeze there. Finally did a reboot using my F12 Boot Menu key, and two choices for that USB were offered – I went with the UEFI Partition 1 and it booted to a similar screen as the previous auto-boots; however, default selection this time went to the OS.

Had to work some to get the primary mouse button switched – Left hand selection was difficult to see, for me anyway. No internet (a Linksys router), and after some other piddling around with the antiX OS I decided to try a wireless USB Adapter – which worked, after a little work, and on wireless USB. Maybe antiX 17 auto detects the internet device (or has a bigger selection) and/or the final antiX 19 will. My ISP Data allowance for the month is almost gone (don’t want to buy more or deal w/ s.l.l.o.o.o.o.w. internet if I don’t buy more Data) so I didn’t want to download antiX 17 – may wait for final antiX 19, tho probably have seen enough already. It’s definitely not better than MX Linux.

Decided to do a full install to USB from ‘Live’ USB – 1) the “install” desktop icon didn’t work, but the main menu offered an “antiX Installer” which worked fine. 2nd install test – after reboot – the desktop install icon worked (?!?). 2) I went with the “Auto-install” disk partition selection, and that didn’t work, for me (normally that works in other Distros). 3) went with the default “Custom install” selection, and that worked fine (normally that doesn’t work for me in other Distros).

Install went quick, and OS booted automatically. Hard to believe this is a Xfce DE – tho MX Linux was my first major experience w/ Xfce, so I don’t know much about it. antiX isn’t even going to beat BionicPup for my 4th spot, so this looks to be my last test of antiX unless I get bored at a later time, and want to mess with its customization process – which appears to be a painful experience at ‘Fourth-Glance’.