UPDATE: I’ll also add this update to the MX Linux Page (below Posts section). Tie broke, and MX is running in 3rd – i.e. Mint in 1st and Ubuntu still 2nd. MX still has some rough-edges that need worked on – e.g. scrolling down a web-page shows a horizontal disruption (forget the word, but a ‘wavy‘ looking horizontal line). Also, most windows and browser seem to open on the left side, even after you place them somewhere else before closing window or browser … some don’t do it like that, and if something is already open on the left side, then the next window or browser opens on right side. Not as bad of a flaw as the ‘wavy‘ horizontal line during scrolling, but certainly not what my 1st place Linux Distro (Mint) does. If this was a ‘Portability’ test, then MX Linux would win. Also, I may move to the Cinnamon Desktop, scrolling disruption seems less prevalent, and I am use to my app favorites on the left side of the panel. Great Linux Distro, and I am already having 2nd thoughts about using Cinnamon DE in MX Linux – also, speaking of second thoughts, I only spent about a minute on Mint before coming back now to MX!


MX Linux had already moved ahead of BionicPup/Puppy for my favorite portable Linux distro, and then into desktop/laptop competition with Mint 19.1 and Ubuntu (note: I count Ubuntu 18.04.2 & 19.04 as one) … IMHO, I have them in a 3-way tie right now, which reflects just how impressive MX Linux has been!

Today’s tests and changes: Less than 4-minutes to install on a 120GB SSD – this was a lot faster than the install to USB. Note: I also did a new portable install to a better and larger USB – I love the portability of MX Linux and wanted to upgrade the USB installation. Had tested the old USB install on 3 different computers (a 2006 build, a 2016 build and the new 2019 main Linux build) and it didn’t miss a beat with the mixture of old and new hardware – which includes 2 new Intel MB’s and 1 old AMD MB. Installation setup offers to ‘Save the Live session’s settings’ – it saved all my setting changes (e.g. switched primary mouse button, moved panel to horizontal @ bottom, reset panel Row Size, etc & those settings stayed when newly installed OS rebooted on the SSD; however, Firefox changes and added bookmarks didn’t get remembered). I don’t recall seeing that save ‘Live’ settings to new installation before – MX has a lot of new and interesting stuff…most I haven’t even seen or gotten to yet.

Moved on fairly quickly from recent OS tests of Kali Linux, Clear Linux OS, Deepin Linux and Astra Linux – and that doesn’t include the recent list of portable OS distros I tested; however, I am still with MX Linux during such tests, which I find interesting…it also got installed onto its own SSD instead of the old test 160GB HDD. Look out Mint and Ubuntu!

*UPDATE* – Have created a Page for MX Linux before the blog looks like a MX Linux Blog, and since it has become clear to me that MX Linux is going to be one of my permanent Linux Distros, at least until another Distro can come along and knock Mint, Ubuntu or MX outta the Top 3. Here’s the new MX Linux Page link.