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Took me long enough to finally test the #1 Page Hit Linux Distro on DistroWatch, and I am truly impressed by it! Was reading Jack M. Germain’s “MX Linux Reinvents Computer Use” article yesterday and came across this:

… snip … MX Linux has another very redeeming feature not found in most Linux distros. It is highly portable.

MX Linux is a great option if you need to carry a fully functional Linux operating system in your pocket without lugging around a laptop. That can be a huge convenience if you travel or work at different locations with access to computers. It is easy to install the entire system to a USB stick … snip …

Certainly missed MX Linux during my recent Searching for a ‘Portable’ Linux Distro tests and post; however, with the Linux renown ‘Fragmentation’ problems, leaving us with over 600+++ Linux distributions, *PLUS* the flavors and/or Desktop Environments also being offered by most of those same 600+++ distros it’s almost impossible to check them all out – GEEZ!

Think: Linux fragmentation – The Sum of All Egos, which does a good job of pointing out the main fragmentation problem – The EGO.

MX Linux seems to be like BionicPup on steroids, but with a much younger look and feel to it – all the same portability and installation options, but more of a modern Linux Distro. Hard to believe that MX Linux is clearly beating BionicPup/Puppy distribution/s in speed, ease of installation, hardware recognition, ease of use, etc (in my tests so far). Did I mention that MX Linux is incredibly snappy-snappishly fast?!

I am going to add MX Linux to my category and tag lists, since it has moved into my #3 favorite Linux Distro spot, in less than a day. Lookout BionicPup, there is a new Dog in town!

*UPDATE* – Have created a Page for MX Linux before the blog looks like a MX Linux Blog, and since it has become clear to me that MX Linux is going to be one of my permanent Linux Distros, at least until another Distro can come along and knock Mint, Ubuntu or MX outta the Top 3. Here’s the new MX Linux Page link.