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Yes, it’s a Linux blog, but Windows 10 will soon include the Linux kernel – making Windows 10 another Linux Distro in the fashion of Android & Chrome OS. Apparently, rumors of Microsoft Windows demise were started by the Linux Desktop community which represents about 1-2% of the total Desktop/Laptop users worldwide. Face some facts here – Windows 10 desktop can’t be beat by any Linux desktop distro, and the reasons are numerous Numerousmongous. Since Satya Nadella became Microsoft’s CEO Windows has improved 100-fold…maybe even 1000-fold if you add in the ease of upgrading and/or reinstalling Windows 10 (and even my 3 licenses of Office Home and Student 2007).

Don’t misunderstand me – I love Linux! However, it’s never going to be better than Windows 10 – a fact that I now gladly accept since Satya Nadella. I now have Windows 10 Version 1903 on all four of my computers. A purchased full-license on my main computer … a $35 OEM license from KINGUIN … and two Windows 10 upgraded from Windows 7 licenses (one a full-license and the other a Dell OEM). BTW, Windows 7 can’t compare to Windows 10 anymore – just do the upgrade, and move on.

I had avoided upgrading my old Dell Inspiron’s Windows 7 OEM license, since it had some software I liked, and since I had already tried to update to an earlier Version of Windows 10 & found it to be very slow. However, this new Version 1903 is another big improvement in Windows 10, so after doing a full backup on the Dell I tried the upgrade. It even rejected a USB I had plugged in … it kept rejecting other items (maybe even Office) so I just had it do the upgrade without saving any files or apps. It moved fast after allowing the upgrade to proceed without saving anything – almost like a new/fresh install.

Tested it for a day and then did a clean install – using a Microsoft flashed USB with the 1903 Version. I had already downloaded the “media creation tool,” the ISO (for DVD’s) and also the download where Microsoft created the USB flash drive a couple of days ago, when I had the 1903 update installed on the other three computers. After the clean install, I also reinstalled one of the Office Home and Student 2007’s licenses – did some tweaking, and then did a full image backup of the entire computer.

Didn’t have to punch in any of the WIN7 or WIN10 license numbers, since those numbers were already digitally recorded for each computer…just hit the “have no product key” button, and let it authenticate automatically after installs and updates. However, did enter the product key for the Office Home and Student 2007 reinstall. If you’re still using Windows 7 – upgrading has never been easier. Backup your data – gather a list of any app downloads you might need later – maybe do some screenshots of your taskbar, etc in case you need a reference for later and get the USB flash for a clean install later. Do the upgrade first, and make sure Windows 10 gets digitally recorded for the computer, and then do the clean install later – if you think it’s needed.