UPDATE 06/27/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics.


Update #1: After a brief conversation with Renard Moreau of Renard’s World, I just added the Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) to my Ubuntu 18.04.2 testing version this morning. Renard had mentioned that he has Deepin Desktop Environment installed on his Manjaro Distro, so I decided to try it on Ubuntu, and it worked great! Installing DDE also resolved the Deepin Screenshot app issue I was having on the Deepin Distro (added Ubuntu’s Screenshot instead), and I also replaced WPS 2019 with LibreOffice. Here’s a screenshot:


Will keep testing the Deepin Distro, but will definitely keep DDE as an option in Ubuntu.


For those who say China will use the Deepin OS to spy on Americans who use it … I say to them: It wasn’t China who ordered & paid for the bogus Steele ‘pee’ Dossier – it was the DNC and Hillary Clinton. It wasn’t China who Weaponized America’s DoJ & Intelligence Agencies for political purposes – it was Obama and his administration. It wasn’t China who attempted to overthrow a fairly elected President of the United States – it was & is the Democratic Party and their MSM ‘Puppets’. It wasn’t China who staged an attempted Coup of President Trump – it was & is our Weaponized Intelligence Agencies, ‘The Swamp’ & the Democrats (that includes MSM). It isn’t China who tries to ‘Silence American Conservatives’ – its Google, Facebook, Democratic party’s MSM, and etcetera. I trust China a lot more than I trust America’s traitorous progressive Liberal Left!

I downloaded deepin-15.10.1-amd64 iso this morning – then discovered it wasn’t a ‘Live’ version – seems I tried to download the ‘Live’ version from their site, but the download was so s-l-o-w that I went to SourceForge and got it there – anyway, the one I got is for just installing, which was fine by me. Install was simple and fast – less than 6 minutes. The only problem I had was with my new balenaEtcher 1.5.39, i.e. it sucks-sucks-sucks – let Apple use that baloney! Only got it because Tails suggested using it when I got their new version. Apparently balenaEtcher can only flash things and extra work is then required to reformat the USB – anyway Etcher ain’t worth the time to type its new name, IMHO.



The Intro window sounds like a train … informative yet almost confusing … hit ‘next’ to move on and it got a lot better. OK, now for some quick tests…

Control center is amazing


Right click desktop and select wallpaper – great selection band easy!



Need a new Screenshot app – theirs’ sucks – will check on a better one. Came w/ Google browser, and apparently Firefox ESR is the only one I could get; note however, I haven’t installed any updates yet, so some problems are expected. No LibreOffice – something called WPS 2019, which also sucks so far.

Overall, w/o updates and only a little testing, it’s a great OS – so far! Definitely worth some more ‘Testing Time’ and adjusting too!