UPDATE 06/27/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics.


The search for a ‘Portable’ Linux Distro wasn’t even close … and facing more than one opponent. Opponents were SparkyLinux (brothers LXDE 4.10, LXQt 5.7.1 and MinimalGUI 5.7.1), Slax, Damn Small, Tiny Core, Fat Dog, Porteus, Knoppix, Trisquel Mini and Peppermint. There were at least 2 other opponents, but couldn’t find them in the carnage left in the ring by Bionic Pup. A 4th SparkyLinux brother, Rescue 5.7 fled the ring moments before the fight started … a smart move, so I put him on a DVD to use in emergencies (i.e. has lots of tools and works well on USB or DVD).

Pup started out slow, but pointed out a problematic USB I was trying to install to – from the ‘Live’ USB installation media I was using. Replaced that USB with another 32 GB just like the bad one, and the new ‘Portable’ Linux Distro was installed and working in no time. All the others had installation problems or booting problems or internet connection problems or slow problems or etc problems – well, other than SparkyLinux 5.7 that came for only use on a USB/DVD, and had no installer…just lots of rescue type of tools (I’ll use it like Rescatux).

Some took hour or longer to install, or fail to install, or failed to boot. One took 2 ½ hours+ to have a “Failed” something-n-other (even took a nap during that attempt). USB installations are nothing like HDD or SDD installations – noting that they all worked fine in creating ‘Live’ USB installation media, but failed installing to USB. Puppy Linux has been doing this for a long long long time and it showed during their installation process.

I tried all kinds of formatting, changing BIOS settings back and forth … some Distros I tried several times in an attempt to get it right … spent hours and hours. Most would’ve probably installed fine on HDD or SSD, but I already use the Top Two Linux Distros on their own SSD – i.e. Mint and Ubuntu. Was strictly looking for a ‘Portable’ Linux Distro – portable as on a USB.