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Satya Nadella became Microsoft’s 3rd CEO in Feb of 2014 – following Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. If he’s missed a beat I haven’t seen it or heard of it – especially as he pushed Microsoft into a realm of openness instead of … instead of … of, heck, guess you’d have to ask their competitors (past and present) what it was like dealing with them from 1975-2014. Biggest problem I ever had with them started sometimes during the Vista years, when they especially put you thru-a-ringer on clean reinstalls. Clean installs that included MS Office were double the aggravation! Geez, I had paid over $300 for Vista Premium, and probably over a $120 for MS Student Office (had 3 licenses with it) and they acted like I stole it from them when attempting to reinstall. Got better last year (2018) and a lot better this year – especially reinstalling on same computer and/or upgrading from Windows 7 to WIN10. Heck, for a new computer build this year, I had bought an OEM Windows 10 Home license from KINGUIN for about $35 (got the “BUYER PROTECTION” with it) and it flew past the authentication process with flying-colors! Basically, under Satya Nadella Microsoft has not only become more open with its competitors, but also with its customers, IMHO.

Microsoft gets its dev mojo back with Linux, .NET 5, web IDE
Microsoft enticed developers at Build 2019 with a bevy of tools and services that focus on open source, open standards and innovation, including a new release of .NET.

SEATTLE — Expansions and introductions in Microsoft’s core development tools demonstrate that the company firmly has its mojo back with developers.

That’s a great article, especially if you have/had any doubts about Microsoft’s motives about bringing the Linux Kernel, etc on board.