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If Windows 10 and Chrome OS have their say, then 2019 is certainly shaping up to be a ‘Banner Year’ for the Linux on the desktop/laptop. Well, maybe, since we ARE talking about both Microsoft and Google as strong competitors for the 600+- Linux Distros – i.e. 600+- Linux Distros with just a total desktop/laptop user base of roughly 1.63%+- (Apr 2019*). Google’s Android and Chrome OS have been connected to the Linux kernel for a long time, but that user base isn’t factored in with that 1.63%+-. Android is huge – though not on the desktop/laptop platform, and Chrome OS @ 1.24% (Apr 2019*). The same Apr 2019* chart (see below) has Windows @ 79.45%, OS X @ 14.05% and “Unknown” @ 3.62%. What happens to the Linux 1.63% Desktop Market Share if Ubuntu stops being added into it? Those remaining 600+- Linux Distros will be fighting over less than .55% if Ubuntu starts getting counted by itself, e.g. like Chrome OS.

Google also mentioned recently that “all” their Chromebooks will now be able to even run Linux apps:

Linux software on all Chromebooks
… snip … You’ll be able to run terminal commands and even graphical applications like GIMP and LibreOffice, right from inside the standard Chrome OS interface.

Big Boys’ certainly making some big moves recently…