UPDATE 06/27/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics.


My second attempt at installing the Cinnamon Desktop onto Ubuntu – the first time is here: Install Cinnamon Desktop on Ubuntu 18.04.2, and the second attempt went so well with 18.04.2 on ‘Rose’ machine that I took that disk and tested it in my main machine (see #3 here). It went well, even on a different machine, and I liked it so much that I installed Disco Dingo 19.04 on a test disk in my main machine. Windows 10 will remain my main OS on that computer, and I will keep both OSes separate at all times, but wanted a Ubuntu disk just for the main computer. The third attempt at installing the Cinnamon Desktop onto Disco Dingo went even better than the first two attempts.

I did the second and third attempts different than the first try, and the “Automatic Login” works automatically in the boot-up this time; however, a password is still needed when coming back from “suspend” and/or when switching between the desktops.

Since my main computer uses WIN 10, and most all my work is done on it (e.g. banking, shopping/purchasing, 2 blogs, 2 Fantasy Football leagues, several Fantasy Football ranking sites, etc), some of the example photos were done on Mint in the ‘Rose’ machine – had already taken the Synaptic snapshots before realizing it, and the Ubuntu and Disco Dingo disks hadn’t had much added on them yet (bookmarks, apps, etc). And, I’m not mixing Linux and WIN10 on main computer at same time…also, some shots will be from the first install attempt (see above link).

Main point this time was to install Synaptic Package Manager first, and try to eliminate using the command prompt. Did try the command prompt during the second attempt – to install the Xfce Desktop environment, and that gave me the idea to try and avoid the command prompt. I did ‘sudo purge’ all Xfce attempts (both failed and successful ones) since I didn’t like it even when it worked. That led to trying the Cinnamon desktop again whilst using just the Synaptic Package Manager. Long story, but actually went pretty fast…

Step 1 – was to install the Synaptic Package Manager from the Ubuntu Software manager … (note: remember these first 6-shots are from Mint) type in “synaptic” in search bar:


Step 2 – install selected Synaptic Package Manager:


Step 3 – launch or open “Show Applications” icon in bottom left corner and launch from there:


Step 4 – newly installed Synaptic Package Manager opens:


Step 5 – click search icon and type “cinnamon” and select search:


Step 6 – scroll and then check the blank box “cinnamon-desktop-environment” (note: a popup notifies you that other files and/or such will be needed – click OK):


No command prompt to this point … now Log Out … log out should then show just the computer name – click it – that takes you to Password, cancel, settings icon and Sign In choices. I selected the settings icon first, and you get a drop-down window offering your desktop choices…choose Cinnamon, and then enter your password & click Sign In (here are some shots, but they might be different for you – also, if this didn’t work, do a full reboot and try to log out again):

It will probably look a little different – and then you get this after selection and password:

Everything now on bottom … changed wallpaper on Ubuntu 18.04.2 to this:


And wallpaper on Disco Dingo to this:


Updated the pic – now shows panel at bottom … no command prompt needed (A+++++!) and new Cinnamon Desktop installed simply & fully using only Synaptic Package Manager.