Have learned more about Linux over the past 4 months than all the previous months/years combined. Am about to enter a new phase of this blog…not sure how to go about it yet, but I will certainly be bashing almost 600 ridiculous Linux ‘TOY’ Distros in this process. I could’ve reached this point a lot sooner, a lot sooner than the 23 years it has taken, if only Linux had been more focused on creating a serious Desktop OS instead of splintering into some 600 different OSes.

A community with a developer or maybe a dozen part-time developers is nothing more than a toy OS. They Huff ‘n Puff like they’re going to overthrow Ubuntu … and get this – they actually think they are overthrowing Microsoft Windows. As DistroWatch has pointed out, some of these communities will stop at nothing to push their toy Distros to the top – even cheat in their attempts.

The DistroWatch Page Hit Ranking statistics have attracted plenty of attention and feedback over the years. Originally, each distribution-specific page was pure HTML with a third-party counter at the bottom to monitor interest of visitors. In May 2004 the site switched from publicly viewable third-party counters to internal counters. This was prompted by a continuous abuse of the counters by a handful of undisciplined individuals who had confused DistroWatch with a poll station. The counters are no longer displayed on the individual distributions pages, but all visits are logged. Only one hit per IP address per day is counted.

Sorry, if they cheated before then they have figured out a new way to cheat now…I am done with DistroWatch’s bogus “rankings” of any Distro.

PART II is coming…