Have a 2006 Antec 6580B and a 2016 Antec Sonata Proto that I have been slowly clearing HDD’s and SSD’s out of … each one can hold 5 HDD’s or 10 SSD’s and/or whatever combinations thereof. Doing so much Linux testing recently that I grew tired of going into the cases and plugging/unplugging and/or switching drives, etc. Another reason, for the conversions, is my move to SSD’s since the prices keep dropping – e.g. bought a new 240GB SSD for $29.99 this morning and there was no tax or shipping costs. Am going to use that new SSD for Data and 2 backup partitions (I backup WIN10 ever other day) in the 2016 case that is my main machine – running WIN 10 in it, but wanted the option to switch to Linux Mint or Ubuntu if I wanted to – w/o either of them on at the same time.

2006 Antec 6580B:

2016 Antec Sonata Proto:

Removed ‘Hot Swap Bay’ (see below) from old Dell and added it to the 2016 case – giving me 2 hot swap bays in main computer…plus a recently purchased exterior 2.5 inch & 3.5 inch 3.0 USB or eSata Hard Drive Docking Station (see below). Also purchased three 2.5-inch to 3.5-inch SATA Hard Drive Adapter Converter (also below) that fit into the hot swap bays if I want to use a SSD in them. They work, but you have to lift a spring by hand when removing from the hot swap bay – worth the effort to be able to use SSD instead of HDD. SSD’s are so silent and have no vibrations like a HDD.

Hot Swap bay:

Drive Docking Station:

SATA Hard Drive Adapter Converter:

Now a shot of it w/ SSD inside & compared next to standard HDD:

Note: These 2.5-inch to 3.5-inch SATA Hard Drive Adapter Converters fit into most anything that a HDD does.

With that conversion in the 2016 Antec case I’ll have access to 3 different drives, if such is needed, which will be more than enough for what I am doing now. Big cases with lots of room give you more flexibility, IMHO. ‘Rose’ (the new Linux build) doesn’t have a big case, but it does have 1 hot swap bay plus an older exterior 2.5 inch & 3.5 inch 2.0 USB or eSata Hard Drive Docking Station – which gives me access to 2 different drives, usually an SSD OS and HDD/SSD data plus backup drive. Gives me 2 new computers for whatever testing I want to do, plus the old Antec 6580B in case its needed – now, none need to have their cases opened to switch OSes and/or data & backup drives.

Lots of Idle Space inside them now…