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First, there are like 600+- Linux Distros (and I don’t believe that includes the flavors & desktops) so it is probably impossible to test everyone fully & equally; thusly, one has to include their ‘Gut Feeling’ and first impression more often than not, IMHO. For example, in my recent tests of Kubuntu and Feren OS, in the update section I mentioned that Kubuntu was “nice, but just too ‘sensitive’ for me” whilst not actually mentioning anything about Feren OS. Since moving to Linux Mint as my #1 Linux Distro, I am still working on a way to review other Linux OSes … one of the first ways will be how the tested Linux OS compares to Mint and Ubuntu, with a ‘dash’ of my ‘Gut Feeling’ and first impression tossed in – a difficult test for any Linux Distro. Kubuntu and Feren OS were both OK, and I actually thought at first that Kubuntu was going to move way up in my Linux OS rankings; however, trying to edit the notification area of panel (taskbar in WIN 10) proved to be frustrating and that was the last chance Kubuntu got. When I don’t like a Linux Distro, it will be obvious – e.g. my disdain and dislike of ‘DOS’ Arch (AKA ‘PURE’ Arch and/or “vanilla” Arch). Kubuntu and Feren OS were OK, but just 2 of 600+- Linux Distros that are not ranked in my Top 5 (currently w/ Mint@#1, Ubuntu@#2, Puppy@#3 and Kodachi@#4 – #5 is still open).

Namib 19.01 Cinnamon – and what is it with Linux and the password harassments!?! Sorry, that is one complaint I have for all Linux Distros – why ask for the password so often?!? Also, I still haven’t found a Linux Distro that allows me to use my mouse scroll button, i.e. has Linux ever heard of Logitech?!? BTW, why is Namib taking so looooooooonnnggg to finish updating?!?

Namib was a difficult install for me, but that was caused by my choosing to use the Universal USB Installer – it didn’t offer the Namib selection so I just selected the ArchLinux selection. I have selected Ubuntu for Linux Distros based on Ubuntu, but ones not listed in Universal USB Installer, and that has always worked. It didn’t work for Arch-based Namib. Went to Rufus 3.5 and everything went well with Namib after that. I use Universal USB Installer and Rufus for installing ISO’s onto USB’s – they work in both Windows and Linux. Why is Namib taking so looooooonnng to download the updates?!?

After installing, it was easy to move around in Namib, and opening folders and such was very Snappy. Seems lightweight (like Feren OS did) compared to Mint and Ubuntu, but was easy to customize – other than the notification area of panel where the Clipboard Manager and Network Manager apparently reside permanently (other than option to close during current session). BTW, why is Network Manager’s icon marked wing an “x” and why is updates still downloading?!?

Namib has a way to go before it can actually compete with ‘Young Guns’ like Mint and Manjaro (another Arch-based distro), IMHO. Snappy at some things whilst Sluggish at others – it has potential, but only time will tell.