UPDATE: Am done w/ Kubuntu – nice, but just too ‘sensitive’ for me, e.g. I didn’t like attempting to edit panel and having other widgets disappear … couple of other things I didn’t like, but could’ve worked with them … application choices were just too different. Nice, but definitely not going to replace my Mint.

Been a busy morning … have downloaded, then installed Ubuntu Disco Dingo, Kubuntu’s new 19.04 release and Feren OS with “April 2019 Snapshot” onto a test 160GB HDD. Installed Ubuntu last, since I wanted it’s boot loader, Feren OS went first and Kubuntu in the middle. All are booting when selected in boot loader (tho I might try to edit boot loader’s designation for Kubuntu, i.e. it is listed as Ubuntu 19.04 – happens a lot in tests when versions of Ubuntu are placed alongside ‘Big Daddy’ Ubuntu. This was my first try at installing three Linux Distros alongside each other, I believe, and they all work well. Kubuntu keeps moving up in my ratings – it just works so well at everything I’ve done with it so far!

Haven’t had much time to fully test them all, the Feren OS is interesting but seems lightweight when alongside the other two – at first, anyway. Newer Linux newbies (than me) might like it … maybe it’s the icons, theme and/or ‘Feel’ that bothers me, and I have felt the same way about other Linux Distros – yes, maybe the icons are a problem for me!? Another problem with so many Distros varying in terminology, looks, ‘Feel’ and etc – IMHO.

I may update this in the future, but first observations may hold fast, i.e. ‘Big Daddy’ Ubuntu is as steady and reliable as usual (even tho I still don’t like Power/Off button in upper right corner), Kubuntu keeps ‘Calling’ to and impressing me, and Feren OS certainly has possibilities – since it installs easily, has a sorta Windows look to it, and it is easy to move around in.