What’s wrong with that – well, besides upsetting some of the Linux ‘Faithful’? We already have the Chromebook running the Linux-based Chrome OS. We have another Google developed OS, the “modified Linux kernel” in the Android OS. Neither one of those has slowed down the other roughly “600” Linux Distros, so why not come up with another ‘Standardised’ Linux version for the Desktop? Fact is, I believe that one of the goals of the Linux Foundation is to “standardize Linux.”

Linux will be the last operating system left on the desktop

snip … While the concept of Linux being the primary operating system on the desktop is an industry joke, there is a belief that it might get there by default.

Software King of the world Microsoft is moving to Windows to a Desktop-as-a-Service model, and it is possible that Linux will be the last traditional PC desktop operating system standing.

The only problem is that there is not a standardised Linux desktop … snip

snip … It is a long way before any of this happens, but it is nice to think that some year Linux will have its “Year of Linux on the desktop” even if it is such a niche product used by very few.

I don’t want any Google OS … I ain’t gonna pay any “Desktop-as-a-Service” rental fee … and I really don’t want to lose using my own PCs. The former ‘Big Dogs’ in the Linux world, e.g. Canonical, Red Hat, etc are moving to where the money is, so why not develop a standardized Linux Desktop version that can actually be sold (Oh! For money? Sacrilege!!!!!!!!!!! Off with their heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Use that money to help the other “600” or so Linux Distros’ Desktop projects, for one example. Certainly use some for all these poor programmers volunteering their labor, free time, etc in order to help Linux.