UPDATE 06/27/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics.


If someone had told me when I started this blog that Linux Mint would be replacing my longtime #1 favorite Ubuntu, I would’ve probably smiled and said – ‘never gonna happen.’ Have learned more about Linux in these recent three months than the previous 23 years from 1996. A key discovery for me has been the Cinnamon Desktop, and actually, finally understanding the importance of the Linux terms Distro and Desktop in choosing a Linux OS. Don’t get me wrong, Ubuntu is an excellent OS … but that Power Off button stuck in the upper right-hand corner has always bother me. Basically accepted what worked, and Ubuntu has worked for me when other Distros simply would not work on any of my computers (other than Puppy Linux). This last bunch of Linux Distros opened the possibility of moving that Power Off button to the lower left corner.

Day before yesterday, I removed Ubuntu from alongside Mint … had installed Mint second and was using Mint’s boot loader … until Ubuntu decided that ‘We’ should be using the Ubuntu boot loader. I’ve always had problems (eventually, anyway) with boot loaders, boot managers, dual/triple/quadruple booters, etc – too much trouble, IMHO. After removing Ubuntu, I couldn’t get Mint to boot – tried for longer than I should’ve and then finally just threw GParted on the disk and wiped it clean for a new install.

Did a clean Mint 19.1 install yesterday morning (before 8 AM on my ISP bonus time), and have really been going through everything that I can – probably a first time for me. No mistaking the Windows ‘Feel’ in this Mint OS, but Mint has clearly done it ‘its own way’ also.


And it’s in the Lower Left-hand Corner!


Mentioned it in another post – that I removed that big bright Mint logo – but wanted to show it again.

Feels good to have settled on a new Distro that ‘Feels’ so comfortable. Did a Clonezilla  backup about an hour ago – probably test the image, as a ‘Double-Check’, but I have found Clonezilla to be very reliable.

Not sure of the direction the blog will now go in, but more on that later…