UPDATE 06/27/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics.


Cinnamon version … and I’m getting ready for the “Tina” release – 19.2. Named after the great Tina Turner, so I couldn’t resist giving Mint Cinnamon another try, especially after Ubuntu didn’t allow me to move the Logout/Power off button to lower left corner and still have “Automatic Login” option. Mint wouldn’t work on my computers about 5-7 years ago, mainly had terrible graphic compatibility problems, then I tried again 3-5 years ago, and Mint worked on one of my computers. Tested that version and liked it (other than logo). Recently, I started testing this batch of great new Linux distros, and Mint 19.1 was one of the first tested. My biggest problem with Mint this time, was again, that Linux Mint logo sticking out like a ‘Sore Thumb’ – just too distracting on an otherwise perfect background (bookwood_linux); thusly, I downloaded the logo and let WIN10’s Paint 3D ‘Gray-out‘ the green & white logo parts. Background looked great now…

Installed Mint 19.1 alongside Ubuntu 18.04.2 on a 120 GB SSD, and it went very smooth. Closer to Windows than any other distro I tested this time, and customizing went smooth and easy – a truly great distro! Here’s another screenshot after some customizing…

I think Mint just moved ahead of Ubuntu, IMHO. My ‘Three Top Linux Distros’ are now – Mint 19.1, Ubuntu 18.04.2 and coming in a close third is Kodachi 6.0 (amazing OS!).

NOTE: Linux Mint 19.2 ‘Tina’ is On the Way, But the Developers Seem Defeated and Depressed

Thanks, Developer Team!!! 19.1 is great, but I can barely wait for “Tina” Mint 19.2!