UPDATE 06/27/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics.


Update 2: Have done a new Install Cinnamon Desktop on Ubuntu 18.04.2 – Part II post that has worked great – on 2 different computers, and 1 being Disco Dingo. Was done without having to use the command prompt.

Update 1: Well, loved the Logout/Power off button in left and right lower corners, but the Cinnamon Desktop would not allow an “Automatic Login” – not even sudo could change it (or info provided on how to get sudo to do it didn’t work). Also, it seemed to require a password for most everything. I removed the Cinnamon Desktop background and am now back to standard Ubuntu 18.04.2 (Gnome thingie, I guess). “Automatic Login” is enabled again. Reasons like this are why Windows 10 maintains an 85-90% desktop user base. Well, Linux is at least getting closer…

One thing that I have disliked about Ubuntu is the Logout/Power off button located in the upper right-hand corner. I’ve used Windows for years and the Logout/Power off selection has been in the lower left-hand corner. Cinnamon Mint also has the Logout/Power off button at the lower left, and I have almost moved to Mint several times because of it; however, I have never liked their huge ‘LM’ logo stuck on the right side – which ruined their otherwise beautiful desktop background, IMHO.

As a Linux newbie since 1996 I must confess that much of my time on Linux involves a lot of Hit ‘n Miss followed with luck…sometimes if I’m lucky. Sure, spending more time actually learning instead of just testing and/or Hitting ‘n Missing for roughly 23 years might have turned me into some kind of Linux ‘Guru’, but seriously, it’s taken Linux a long time to even get into the same ‘Ballpark’ as Microsoft’s Windows. I tried to get other backgrounds into Ubuntu, but didn’t like the other ones they offered, and I don’t recall if I ever tried installing one from another source. Was probably more focused on why Ubuntu didn’t have a setting that would switch that Logout/Power off button from upper right-hand corner down to where it belonged, i.e. in the left-hand corner?!

Yesterday morning, during my testing and/or Hitting ‘n Missing, which includes lots of searching & researching I came across this article – “Install Cinnamon Desktop on Ubuntu” – during a search for something else…that’s called luck, IMHO. Bookmarked it for later testing…later being yesterday and today, with some success and some failures – Hitting ‘n Missing.

Heck, Cinnamon Mint has its Logout/Power off button at the lower left, so maybe this Cinnamon Desktop can fix my one dislike of Ubuntu. I may be a Linux newbie, but have never been fearful of any OS, i.e. I can always wipe the ‘unruly OS’ off my disk and reinstall a fresh version of it. OK…will give it a try. The “Install Cinnamon Desktop on Ubuntu” mentions needing the “Synaptic” apt, which led me to “The Complete Guide to the Synaptic Package Manager” and perhaps a way of moving Ubuntu’s Logout/Power off button to the lower left.

This first attempt turned out to be the miss in Hit ‘n Miss. Then I reread the “Install Cinnamon Desktop on Ubuntu” and it appears they were using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS ‘Xenial Xerus’ … in a Dec. 01, 2018 article?! OK, ran another search using “Install Cinnamon Desktop on Ubuntu 18.04” and came up with “How to install Cinnamon desktop on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Linux” … BTW, I downloaded Ubuntu 18.04.2 day before yesterday and am testing both Ubuntu 18.04.1 & 18.04.2 alongside each other on a test 160 GB HDD. LinuxConfig.org does a good job here; however, it needed a little ‘Tweaking’ to work on my end…thusly, I will do most of my own screenshots, but will add one or two of their’s also. Have tested it on 18.04.1 already, and am about to do it on 18.04.2 in this post.

Screenshot of how my first attempt may have failed – Ubuntu 16.04 LTS ‘Xenial Xerus’

Some earlier notes I made…in case I forget:
1) It asks for password all the time! Have skipped most of’em
2) when installing Cinnamon – under installing window – check “Automatically close after changes applied”
4) mouse needs reset after Cinnamon starts

I don’t use the Terminal/Command Prompt much, but occasionally if instructions are there to follow.

From – LinuxConfig.org – enter:  sudo apt install cinnamon-desktop-environment lightdm

Then process starts and ends w/ “Review the list of packages if necessary. Continue by entering y key” … yes to ‘y’ key to continue.

Hit ‘OK’ to choose a Display Manager.

We will select lightdm for the default Display Manager & then hit ‘OK’.

Goes thru the process – then is ready to Reboot the computer.

OK .. ready to reboot. First, here is a screenshot of my desktop w/o Cinnamon Desktop installed. Note the Logout/Power off button in upper right corner – BOOOOOOO!!!

Now, after rebooting you’ll get a new login screen – I was going to do a screenshot, but sounded too complicated for me right now, so I used a screenshot from the LinuxConfig.org article … here.

Now, the login screen also asks for password, and there is a small-white-circle looking icon next to user…seems you have to click that icon to reach the Desktop Environment selections seen in pic above. Sorry, that was a note I missed, and I’m not going to do it again whilst typing this post (am slowest typist on Planet Earth). Now, here’s a look at my new Cinnamon Desktop.

Logout/Power off *BUTTONS* in lower left and lower right corners – HOORAAAY!!! Huh, what an ugly color. Let’s see what choices Cinnamon offers in backgrounds…

Seems like more choices, but its hard to beat Ubuntu’s default Desktop color, IMHO.

Perfect! Did have to change the Dock theme to Blue-Submarine (seen above) instead of some beige thing they had.

That’s probably the BIGGEST change I have ever made in Linux, and it was really fairly simple … special thanks to LinuxConfig.org and Lifewire for their articles!!!

Now … post this and go play w/ my new Cinnamon Desktop!