Downloaded the new Disco Dingo 19.4 beta from Ubuntu this morning – 2.0 GB. Placed the ISO on a ‘Live’ DVD and started tinkering – after all the USB problems w/ my Kodachi tests, I decided to go w/ DVD on this beta. Disco Dingo didn’t like that DVD from the start – slow installing ‘Live’, slow loading, and then the installer gave an error message – about halfway during a slow install – that sorta said: “Try me on USB’s!” Tinkering can be frustrating at times…

OK … back to the drawing board, and starting w/ reinstalling the ISO to a small USB. That went fast, and Disco Dingo loaded a lot faster … Okay! Decided to try that new ADATA 64 GB USB that didn’t want to work during that recent Kodachi test and the offline installation also went fast; however, the Disco Dingo boot-up after installation and went like a Flash, and now I know why they’re called “Flash Drives!”

I’m fairly new to using USB’s … other than on several Puppy Linux distros over the years. Puppy installs on the ‘Kitchen Sink’ if you want it to. Linux Distros use to not work well (or at all) on final installations to DVD and/or USB, as I recall – other than as an install disk. Disco Dingo installed on this USB like it would’ve onto an SSD. Speaking of SSD (Linux works great on a 120 GB’s), I ordered another one the other day – 120 GB Kingston for $21.99 and free shipping. Saw another SSD brand for $19.99 a week or so ago, so they are getting a lot cheaper … I use a eSATA/USB-SATA 3.5″/2.5″ docking Station a lot – use the eSATA option and it saves time swapping SSD’s and/ or HDD’s whilst tinkering. Have an old USB 2.0 version of similar docking station, but it wouldn’t boot any OS drives, so I bought an eSATA version. Using that in combination w/ an internal 5.25in” Trayless Hot Swap Mobile Rack for 3.5″ Hard Drive works great, and no need to be opening the case or unplugging internal drives. Also have three more 3.0 USB drives ordered, another 64 GB and two 32 GB’s – big price drops on those as well ($7.99 and free shipping for 64 GB USB).

When I first heard that Ubuntu was making a change that included a “Disco Dingo” in the background, I was disappointed. Disappointed even more when I saw a pre-sneak look w/ a Disco Ball and Dingo!? However, Ubuntu has come thru … as usual. Absolutely *LOVE* the wallpaper!

Looks (other than wallpaper) and feels about the same … knowing Ubuntu as I do, I don’t expect any problems – even in a beta. Definitely will be moving to the new version after it has some testing.