Bill (my first computer Guru) was in the process of installing IBM OS/2 alongside DOS/Windows 3.1 when he suddenly said “OOOPS!!!” It was a new computer. It was my first computer. It was 1992, computers were expensive, and this new Dell “Viper” had cost over $4000 .. i.e. over 4000 Gringo Dollars! Bill was also my last computer Guru.

Bill was a good friend, and helped me during my first year or so using a computer. After the “OOOPS!!!” he let me know that he had just accidently wiped everything off my new Dell’s hard drive, and I would need to get a new driver for my CD-Rom (this was before DVD’s) before we could get things installed again. It was getting late; he had to go, and suggested that I call Dell support the next morning and have them send me that driver so he could reinstall the OS.

Bill also told me not to be afraid of my computer, i.e. learn how to reinstall the OS if something goes wrong. That was the best advice I ever got from anyone about computers – don’t be afraid of them. I probably did 5000 or more reinstalls and installs on that old Dell. Did it just for practice. Did it just to show that Dell “Viper” who was boss. Did it to upgrade the Windows OS to a newer version. Did it to add IBM OS/2 as a second OS. That Dell went thru 3 lightning strikes – 2 thru the phone lines and 1 thru the electric lines – and I had to do reinstalls after hardware fixes were made. Years later, I did some minor upgrades to that old Dell, and gave it to a couple of Cuban kids who had just come to America.

Point of my babblings here – don’t be afraid of your computer, because with just a little work you can upgrade it. Heck, most come w/ a restore partition all set up for you – especially since Microsoft and OEM’s stopped including Windows disks with new computers. Don’t want to mess w/ the installed Windows OS? Unplug it, buy a new HDD (they’re cheap – like $15 for 150 GB HDD or even 120 GB SSD for $20 at New Egg and many other sites) and try Linux. Get the ‘Live’ Linux distro and just use a USB or DVD to test it…try that until you find a distro you like. If you don’t like Linux, just plug that Windows OS HDD back in and you’re all set.