02/07 UPDATE: Time for an updateRule of Thumb – if you can’t install Ubuntu on it, then you can’t install any Linux Distro on it.

Windows 10 has actually pulled way ahead of Ubuntu … Ubuntu LTS has leaped ahead of all the other Linux Distros, i.e. WAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy Ahead! 


I’ve recently tried open SUSE, Linux Lite, Antergos, Zorin, Manjaro, Elementary OS, Mint Mate, Arch Linux (threw that Distro into garbage can), and Mint (19.1 cinnamon) and was impressed by all – except Arch Linux. Once again, I’ve settled on Ubuntu (18.04 LTS) as my Top Choice, and Mint (19.1 cinnamon) as my tad distant 2nd choice). Ubuntu is now definitely in the same ‘Ballpark’ as Windows 10.

Didn’t like Windows 10 when it first came out, but it did start to grow on me since Version 1703, and I now use it on my main machine. Also, recently built a new computer for Ubuntu, and it never stops impressing me .. e.g. tried to install Windows 7 as another option on that computer, but it was not able to be installed since it didn’t have mouse and keyboard @ the install window – too many new pieces in the computer, starting with the mobo and USB 3. Gave me the opportunity to see what VirtualBox was about, and that allowed me to install Windows 7 inside Ubuntu. Why bother? Well, I paid like $187 (w/ tax) back in early 2013 and try to get my money’s worth out of the products I buy. Have Vista Ultimate on an older test machine w/ Mint – paid $399.99 for Ultimate (w/o tax) in 2007.

I’ve probably paid less than $100 on Linux products since 1996 (w/o the costs of metered downloads), and those payments were voluntary. Never once has any Linux Distro put humble me thru a ‘Torture Chamber’ for updating, installing and/or reinstalling. Well, if the horror of flashbacks can be considered a form of torture, then Arch Linux came close – what with that command prompt at preinstall.

Not so long ago, Linux took years to catch up to most new computer components, e.g. just finding a USB wireless adapter for internet was almost impossible. What good is any OS if it can’t connect to the internet?! I now have Ubuntu, Mint and Puppy easily connecting to the internet wired and/or wirelessly (as did recently tested other distros). When building this new computer for Ubuntu, I worried that the new mobo, processor and memory might not be recognized by or compatible w/ Ubuntu. During that search process, I did find something interesting from Intel: (2) Linux supported by Intel via the upstreaming of Intel Linux drivers to the Linux Open Source Community. Adoption into individual Linux distributions is dependent upon the OS vendor (p21) – that’s from an Intel “Sales Guides” put out to help their salespersons on a line of new processors.

Components so new, that Windows 7 could not be installed w/o help from Ubuntu. Tested Windows 10 to see if it could be installed (tested w/o internet to avoid accidental activation problems), and like Ubuntu, it also had no install problems.

BTW, I name all my computers – Ubuntu’s new computer is named “Rose” – and she screams on the 16GB of CORSAIR Vengeance ram. Never saw any Linux distro boot up so fast.