Had a flashback yesterday – to 1992 and my first experience with the command prompt on a computer. In fact, my first anything on my first computer. Windows 3.1 and its buddy MS-DOS. Didn’t like the command prompt back then and still don’t today. MS-DOS’s involvement soon had me moving to IBM’s OS/2 2.0 and then to the “Warp Years” – mainly in a dual boot w/ Windows 3.1. Back then, whilst comparing a “Command Prompt” to a MS and/or IBM “Window” there was a clear favorite (history has proven my impression to have been correct).

Have been testing Mint Mate, elementary OS, Manjaro, Zorin, Antergos, Linux Lite, openSUSE and tried Arch Linux last evening. All of them seem to have an easy ‘LIVE’ version you can “Try” first (before deciding to install or not) .. not sure what Arch Linux has, since humble me never got past it’s prompt. Worst Linux experience since 1996 .. make that my worse Linux experience evah! Geez, Arch dudes, its 2019!

Anyway, I wasn’t looking to build my own operating system so I tossed that Arch Linux test disk into the garbage can. Command prompts apparently have their uses, but I’m not really interested in finding out what those uses are – same feeling I had w/ DOS back in 1992, in fact.