Linux with its major need for Command Prompts is one reason humble me has been a Linux Newbie since 1996…so to speak.

Have been testing Debian 9.6.0 this morning (both the short install w/ internet and the ‘Live’ DVD version), which is one reason this site is slow being setup.

Anyway, whilst searching for an open window’s icon (in an upper corner usually) used to increase and decrease the window’s size – searching searching searching – humble me came across a secondary mouse button that opens a menu which offered to “Unmaximize” that window (e.g. Firefox & LibreOffice Writer) … “Unmaximize” … er, OK!?!?!

(BTW, Debian seems slow right now, but more on that in another post after some testing.)

Maybe Debian has difficultly moving away from a command prompt to a graphical interface, and thus the secondary mouse button that is needed in order to open a menu which offers to “Unmaximize” that window with a click of the primary mouse button – instead of a simple icon that needs one click of a primary mouse button to increase or decrease the window’s size.